now in the domestic commercial market, e-commerce can be said to have occupied half of the country, and in many places are actively encouraging the development of e-commerce, cross-border electricity supplier in Guangzhou recently on the line store experience.

"here, the customer can buy contraband and duty paid LV, but there is a certain price advantage, this is a difference between the US and other cross-border electricity store experience." Liyuan real estate director, commercial real estate division president ho told reporters that the natural law.

what law ran, Li purchase · Panyu cross-border goods direct purchase experience center project take the next line experience center + online purchase platform combining O2O operating mode, with the global synchronization of cross-border direct purchase of goods for the customer experience. Among them, "Li purchase online purchase platform" is being prepared, in late September is expected to be officially launched.

what law but further said that the center approved by the Panyu District government, Panyu District Branch Trade and Industry Bureau to set up a letter, provide policy support for multiple departments, all cross-border goods into the unified management of the provisions of the regulatory region, all orders through the online platform to push the customs inspection network system, the circulation of goods, the whole process of supervision, inspection by the customs double check, regular customs clearance inspection.

cross-border experience store on-line actually represent the electronic commerce industry of the country already has a certain social scale, at the same time, as one of the most advanced business model of a O2O operation mode that also welcomed.


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