we all know that China is a big food, Chinese people like to eat is known to everyone, and as a food capital of Chongqing, but also by the food. We all know that Chongqing Hot pot, Chongqing small noodles. Now there is a popular food items following the two models of food, that is – Plum dam Liangshan chicken

plum dam Liangshan chicken is the inventor of Liangshan chicken dishes and re invented. In 1981, Liangshan chicken Liziba inheritance and re inventor was born in Chongqing Youyang Shu Guanchen master in a remote mountain village. Tujia Miao mountains, running all over the mountains and plains chicken, various excellent flavor, a local mountain cooking delicious choice. Shu Guanchen’s parents as good in taste, and diligent hands, grandparents fried chicken inheritance earthwork known. After this year, Shu Guanchen master out of the mountains, until reading MBA from work to the state-owned enterprises, in the dry. Childhood mountains eaten chicken to cannot go one way, look for a delicious way to chicken, become the greatest pleasure Guanchen Shu master. Finally, Guanchen Shu master in Chongqing a shop to look for him to eat and think of his childhood taste similar to chicken chicken. After repeated tests, selection of the finest ingredients, follow the original stew, with garlic, ginger, pepper, pepper and other spices as dozens of excellent bottom material Zuzhuanmifang, Liziba Liangshan chicken was born, a taste of fashion, become Chongqing industry Hot pot an indispensable sub category. The traditional food is the health of Chinese herbal medicine into the broth to cook, and Liangshan chicken Liziba initiated health medicines into the red soup first, which brought Liziba unique legend: Liangshan chicken delicious fragrant glutinous chicken tender, yin and Yang, mouth fragrance, lead a person to endless aftertastes. In recent years, through the standardization of choice of ingredients, bottom material ratio standardization, standardization of operating procedures, plum dam Liangshan chicken legend is solidified, you can achieve large-scale flavor reproduction.

How much money does

need to invest in Liangshan chicken?

brand name: Plum dam Liangshan chicken

investment amount: more than 1 million

date of establishment: 1981-01-01

total number of stores: 50

business scope: Liangshan chicken

for the crowd: free entrepreneurship

join area: National


have a regional license:

brand birthplace: Chongqing

contract duration: 3 to 5