entrepreneurs are about to usher in an era of the most opportunities and challenges. As the western region the most suitable entrepreneurial city, Chengdu has been standing in the forefront of the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide the best environment for public entrepreneurship.

the event by Xindu District government, Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, deep venture, a little bit off, dark horse Chengdu branch will host. Activities will be invited to the mobile business celebrities, Southwest Petroleum University and other local universities and venture deep clay fund,   on behalf of Tencent investment, venture capital institutions attended by a large coffee, tea, floating share Chengdu Project roadshow and other forms of collision of innovation and entrepreneurship ideas and wisdom, stimulate brainstorming".

It is reported that

"through cooperation, Xindu and the dark horse will be will share all kinds of resources, to achieve a win-win situation, to further promote the new innovation and entrepreneurship, a" public entrepreneurship, innovation ‘boom." Relevant person told reporters in Xindu district.