is now more and more car beauty shop, to allow more entrepreneurs to enter the industry to increase confidence, although this is an emerging industry recently, but the market competition is quite intense, if you want to enter this industry entrepreneurs who, for automotive beauty industry knowledge and market dynamics you know how much?

automotive beauty industry has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs, but want to do a good job in this industry, the industry needs to pay attention to the direction and trends of entrepreneurs. Automotive beauty shop chain is in a number of shops operating car beauty and decoration, modification, repair and other similar goods or services, to a certain form of combined into a joint body. Chain operation can achieve centralized procurement, unified distribution, store sales, the use of a unified logo, unified profit model, a unified price approach. Chain management can reduce procurement costs, eliminate fake and shoddy products, improve service quality, access to economies of scale and brand effectiveness, thereby enhancing the local competitiveness of automotive beauty shop.

from the experience of developed countries, car beauty franchise chain were defeated by ordinary car beauty shop, for example, the German car beauty company has 10000 stores in 137 countries and regions, the establishment of a global network of the largest American car maintenance; AC Deco is the world’s largest auto repair chain brand, with 25000 the United States NAPA stores; the car is called customer service service " McDonald’s " and has 10500 stores in the market; Chinese is now popular cars will join the car beauty chain, just 2 years time has more than and 110 stores.

The future development trend of

auto beauty franchise in China is also a chain operation. At present, there are many foreign automobile service chain brands in china.

analysis from the above point of view, the developed countries, the development of automotive beauty industry earlier, more mature technology. Chinese local car service chain relative strength is relatively weak, so the future development trend of Chinese automotive beauty stores will also be chain management, to reduce procurement costs, eliminate fake and shoddy products, improve service quality, access to economies of scale and brand benefit, so as to improve the automotive beauty shops in the local competition.

everyone wants to have good market prospects, make a good project, how to find a good project, as entrepreneurs, not blindly, others, really want to enter the automotive beauty industry and contribute to it, before entering the industry, entrepreneurs need to first understand the basic operation rules and skills and knowledge from various aspects, grasp the market dynamics, in order to effectively grasp the business success.

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