now we all realize that by working to get rich is not realistic, do not want to be poor for a lifetime, only entrepreneurship! However, in our age of entrepreneurship can start empty-handed? Is there anyone who can really do it? How to start empty-handed? The following is the full collection of network related practical answer:

first hit a pessimist to combat slag: only 5 of any era in the past are no more than is now easier to start empty-handed.

from my own, my side to see examples of things, this time is the best start empty-handed era.

1. has never been a time for an individual to have such an easy access to information, knowledge, and technology. As long as you want, you can participate in the MIT through the Internet now open class courses; as long as you want, any one of the world famous university professors and masters are waiting for you to ask questions; as long as you want, how to start to grow every company, industry, what is the problem and should pay attention to are the Internet and the media are digging at the end of the air.

2. has never had a lot of industry opportunities and huge demand like now. Think about it, when in 1900 China population up less than half of the population China today; just 5 years ago, SNS, mobile Internet, cloud computing or cloud, just 10 years ago, e-commerce, Web2.0 or concept. The rapid growth of the high-speed rail economy and nearly 100 million outbound trips in 2012, all of which are creating new demand, new markets, new opportunities.

3. has never been an era in which the social system provides the most convenient passage to the lowest level of society. Please allow me to use the "bottom" is not the commendatory word to describe how to facilitate the rising social stratum. Do not say the United States and the west side of the recognized social system than the current Chinese more perfect, but even in the two generation, two rich generation and China, we do not have the imperial examination system fetters, we don’t have to become a champion to rise head and shoulders above others everyone can gain knowledge, through their own efforts, wealth and social status!


to start empty-handed more than the rich

I Forbes Chinese rich list had a statistics, and get the following conclusions:

1, in addition to Larry Yung Chi Kin and other individual red two generations, 95% more than the rich belong to this proportion in the world to start empty-handed, the highest, higher than the new, known as the American dream.

2, these billionaires are mainly distributed in three areas, traditional manufacturing and