shop to do business to attract customers can have two ways, one is the customer door, there is a shop owner to take the initiative to attract customers. With the improvement of living standards, rural consumption make arrangements for weddings and funerals are increasingly high grades. But I found a phenomenon, although their consumption level is improving, but I didn’t what big store business growth, ordinarily cigarette are unified channels of purchase, the price also is tobacco departments to develop a unified, no gap, it all went to other shops? But the attitude of their own service is still very confident, and can not find other reasons, so I wonder.

is a village sister-in-law’s son to get married to the store lease tableware, certainly a lot and I thought a wedding for goods, can not miss this opportunity, but the wife just want to lease tableware, and not to buy other goods. I will take the initiative to speak to her, a number of condoms to her work with the goods; and want to know, if not to buy things in my family will go to where? Know what the reason, the heart or several. In order to make them do.

"sister in law, I heard my son is getting married? Are you going to be a mother-in-law?"

yes, it is not easy to do mother ah, this work with the tobacco and sugar tea, firecrackers, salute together, less than seven thousand or eight thousand yuan

seven thousand or eight thousand yuan is quite attractive to me.

"look at my sister-in-law, some things at this price to get it, you can rest assured that our tobacco and alcohol from the formal channels into the goods, quality assurance."

"Your brother

said, in the village of goods is not the whole thing, did not have to go out, get married is not easy, there are a lot of things to do out of order, no time to go shopping every day, go to the wholesale department to buy together, driving the disposable pull back, XX service before a few this day is also very convenient."

said no, the listener interested, awoken, before do weddings and funerals clients are suspected in the village of goods is not complete, go to the wholesale department for a one-time buy, save time, not to go to another store. To tell the truth, the shop in the village due to store restrictions, are operating some daily necessities are like funerals with some of the best-selling products are lack of.

in the face of the temptation of profit of seven thousand or eight thousand yuan of goods, how can this single business easily lost it? Better than action, I have an idea.

sister-in-law, well, anyway, you and my brother have no time to believe me, you have to use the goods quantity and variety of writing to me, I’ll get you the price, you can rest assured that I was cheaper than the wholesale department, if you are in the house, the tableware fee and do not. "