is a kind of nostalgic feelings in people’s heart, with the increase of age, the people and things are changing, more and more social experience makes people miss the beautiful past, which gave birth to the nostalgic goods market, the market will also increase with the pace of life is more popular!

the popular items include the old commodity shop, nostalgic food shops, clothing stores, traditional retro cultural goods shop. Fashion nostalgia is reflected in the fashion style or style that has been popular. The previous styles are almost wholly intact today is his nostalgia, such as bell bottoms, cheongsam etc..

from the past style extraction so little meaning is nostalgia, such as Chinese collar, new hippie style etc.. Nostalgia is sometimes very close, as new jeans that have been washed out look like they are familiar with each other over the years.

nostalgia sometimes distance, such as advocating natural and handmade clothing is to remove the modern industrial civilization traces, symbolically return to mankind’s first home — completely natural.