small business do? You must be thinking about it, too? Indeed, most investors are inclined to choose small business projects because of funding problems. Little money can do some small business, small business do? These small entrepreneurial projects to money fast.

what small business do? Manicure shop

hand is called "the woman’s second face, therefore, now more and more women are keen on face, began to care about nail beauty. Manicure service first appeared in the wedding dress shop, when a pair of crystal nail 1000 yuan. Now with the popularity of the drop in prices of materials and technology, Manicure has become a civilian consumption, this provides a broad market demand for change Manicure shop.

what small business do? Tea shop

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what small business do? Environmentally clean

houses and buildings, cleaning work is often used in a lot of harm to our health and environmental chemicals. Now people and businesses are trying to make life more environmentally friendly, and more and more need to use non-toxic, non irritating chemicals to do cleaning. Chemicals used to clean the environment do not irritate the skin, have no toxicity, and do no harm to the environment. Part of the cleaning services company provides only environmentally friendly cleaning services; other companies are environmentally friendly cleaning as additional services. 100% environmental protection can help you seize the high-end market.