Hello everyone, I am a pig eight quit network of Zhu Mingyue, a novice from the traditional media into the Internet, in the future but also to ask you.

      here to talk about my experience: my experience is more grassroots, 19 year old began teaching for three years, spent 9 months in the village cadres, 8 years a reporter, last year National Day resigned as chief reporter of the Chongqing evening news, full-time operations zhubajie.com.

      pig eight quit network is actually very simple, is a service class e-commerce website, and Taobao is different, not on the transaction in our website, but services. And the way of the transaction, is a reward. Pig eight quit network as early as 2005, there was only one of my personal blog station, I used the OBLOG program to build a multi blog, with their own identity in the top six to write Bo, then suddenly destroyed the blog! The reason is I think at that time, the blog is just one person or a group of people talking, no commercial driving force. I thought at that time, pig eight quit can do a commercial website? I’m a journalist, and I think that all business is an exchange of needs. I was bragging, wanted to build a trading platform for demand!

      remember that it was a sleepless night, I fell asleep the wife woke up, that I should build a demand trading platform. The wife said: "neuropathy, there have been Alibaba and Taobao". I would like to avoid Ma, do service needs exchange.

      the results of a search in my later network, Kang has already begun to do! And I Akang this for a long time to exchange. He invited me to join, and even advocated by revolutionary theory, I resigned from the evening news chief correspondent. But in the process of communication, I found that I do it myself! So I spent 500 yuan, a programmer to do a pig eight quit online reward platform, formally launched in December 20, 2005!

      on the day of my own money issued a 100 yuan reward: pig for the protagonist to write a thousand words. The past week, in addition to my website programmer, no registration, no one is more. The pig so hastily opened. Pig eight quit a very grassroots, and now also adhere to the grassroots line, I would like to share with Zhang’s grassroots network is a good match, so I am happy to share with you here that I grassroots years!

      below to talk about the size of the pig and the user team:

      pig eight quit now gathered 310 thousand registered users; issued a $1 million 80 thousand task; the biggest reward is $300 thousand; the smallest one is $1; pig eight quit team is also a phase >