according to CNNIC sources said that from May 29, 2012 0 onwards, open personal registration.Cn domain name, each domain name requires only $10 / year. .CN domain name registration has amended the following three main contents:

can only be registered.CN domain name is now relaxed to the individual can also register.CN domain name, that is, the domain name registration of the main body to expand to the natural person;

strengthen the protection of domain name registration information, the domain name registration authority to protect the registration of information;

domain renewal confirmation period extended to 30 days.

was a "brilliant" and "decadent"


the place where I live is not far from the CNNIC organization, it’s 500 meters walk down the stairs, although it’s under my nose, but I have never had a good impression on the organization. It’s hard to imagine what a group of old men are thinking all day. Remember the 08 years of CN domain name open registration? In China, the Olympic Games held in the past 08 years, people from all walks of life are crazy, CNNIC is even more so, open the.Cn domain name registration, and registration costs only need $1 / year. For a time, a variety of.Cn domain name registration wind rise. By the end of 2008, the number of CN domain has been as high as 13 million 570 thousand, occupy the Chinese market share of up to 80.7% in the world after the COM domain name, the world’s top second domain names.

when I was 08 years also registered two.Cn domain name, after the expiration of no renewals, followed by recovery. Many webmaster experience like me: at the end of 2009, CNNIC began to strict management, stop individuals registered CN domain, rectify the domain name registration, domain name registration should not only provide real name, also gradually implement filing system a lot of webmaster webmaster camera, CN domain name has been forced to cancel or lock.

then, by the end of 2011, the number of CN domain names 3 million 500 thousand, down as much as 10 million, while the number of Chinese websites also dropped from the end of 2 million 870 thousand to the end of 2011 of 1 million 830 thousand.

after the toss, I believe the majority of webmaster friends will not really take the CN domain name to do their own domain name, even if the registration, but also used to play". By playing the webmaster has now matured.

is now open for personal registration

one reason: to comply with public opinion, open personal registration is a historical necessity?

China is the world’s most populous country, but also the world’s largest Internet users in the country, the need to open a huge amount of personal sites, and the need to open a web site is one of the domain name. .cn domain name as China’s top domain name, should provide services to the general public. For a long time,.Cn domain name is limited to the organization of the company registration requirements do not conform to the historical trend, long