Beijing on October 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the search giant Google will cooperate with best buy and other advertisers to launch a service based on Internet leaflets advertising, similar to newspaper ads. Google said the new service will be opened tomorrow.

Fawkes, vice president of product management at Google · (Nick) in an interview, said: "overall, retail is an important part of our Fox. Retailers have been exploring the line printing leaflets in the digital era of the corresponding products, explore how to attract online visitors into their stores. And this is exactly the product."

as the world’s largest search engine, Google is also exploring how to lead the development of the search field to become a new source of revenue. Search ads use more and more visual factors, including video and product images, which is different from the previous text search advertising. Nick ·, Fawkes said that the current Google 1/3 search ads using a new format, higher than the proportion of the beginning of the year of 1/4.

Internet browsing users click on search ads to see this show multiple pictures and large font flyers advertising. This service can be based on the search for keywords and user location and other factors to promote.

New York market research firm eMarketer predicts that this year, Google’s search market share in the United States will rise from 74% in 2010 to $76% next year, the market share will be further expanded to 78%.

Another new search ad format for

Google can provide more clicks on an ad, such as links to different products of the same company. Google said, according to this kind of advertising contains a number of different links, this kind of advertising can be ad clicks from 15% to more than 50%. Typically, Google through the user clicks on advertising revenue.

Nick ·, Fawkes said: "this has increasingly become the core component of our advertising." He said that banner ads and other display ads will also adopt a new flyers advertising model.

in the field of Internet copy print advertising model, while Google did not ignore the traditional media. Fawkes said that in order to promote a new mode of mode, Google will launch a publicity campaign through the Internet and print advertising.