recently entered into an eventful year in Taobao, Tmall platform, becheery, three squirrels and other heavyweights of the Amoy brand has been involved in limiting extension or shield shop in the event.

in particular, the smell of paraquat mysterious disappearance, it is particularly bizarre. July 24th, the South Korean flagship store was Taobao and Tmall search mask, in the afternoon of July 29th to return to normal stores. Just a few days time sparked heated debate.

Taobao every day there are many shops because of violation of the rules and be restricted to promote, search down the right, and even shielding shop. But becheery in snack nuts industry brand influence and sales forefront, after a long time of operation and experience. The industry generally believe that such businesses have learned to avoid the existence of various risks in the operation.

billion state power network for the matter to becheery when asked, becheery has an ambiguous attitude, although there is no hidden meaning, but also did not give a clear explanation. Tmall as a platform side, as of now there is no statement.

Taobao search less than a few shops

unexpected penalties and lack of transparency, aggravated the matter of suspense, but also make many sellers jittery. Billion state power network feel, an abnormal and common voice surfaced. "Tmall Taobao want to deal with who who will deal with, and it makes people feel that the strength of the brand is to be independent."

in order to avoid the pitfalls of the industry have speculated may lead to punishment thunder point. One seller said: "in the category list of shops are shielded, might have been caught opponents loopholes, or seller behavior and Tmall’s conflict of interests."

an industry from another point of view of the business environment now Taobao Tmall, the next period of time, some small size of the brand may be greater pressure. Every year, the performance of Taobao’s advertising line are more and more, the number of small sellers can be back to rely on big sellers to sign off on the Tmall."

has the seller explained that the real big brands have a lot of resources can be replaced with Tmall, and the industry has a greater influence, will not be much affected. The dependence of the Amoy brand and a number of small size of the brand to consider their own through train, drill show, Juhuasuan a series of marketing activities and advertising investment is reasonable planning and layout.

the seller describes the general KA seller’s advertising investment scale in the year between 200 to 5 million yuan. However, after the development and growth of some businesses, their own marketing system is more perfect, the dependence on Taobao Tmall advertising system gradually reduced. This will have a certain impact on Taobao Tmall’s established advertising results.

a lot of businesses pointed out that the relevant person in charge of Tmall has revealed that the wishes of the merchant to pay a certain proportion of the proportion of traffic. Pay flow, natural flow, the flow of old customers, debris flow is a whole system. If >