when domestic commercial enterprises are in the PC end duel to the death, the mobile terminal has started a new round of battle, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong in a small range of media activities, 2012 Jingdong will force the mobile side, only a Book Jingdong investment has more than ten million yuan; Taobao mobile phone market director Lu Zhongtao on ifeng.com Taobao mobile phone technology revealed that in 2012 the scale of capital investment exceeding 100 million yuan; dangdang.com mobile division vice president Hu Yi said, on the mobile terminal then continued funding support for the high level.

advance planning layout to occupy the site is the domestic Internet companies are good at and what you do, a mobile phone security field CEO on ifeng.com technology, proactive approach in domestic such bad competition environment is always very effective, because death and failure always overnight.

to the end user’s mobile phone into the traditional B2C a hotly contested spot

mobile terminal strategy for the most direct advantage of traditional e-commerce sites, with music Amoy network vice president Chen Hu said that more than a sales channel, you can get more new users.

Hu Yi, vice president of

Dangdang mobile division of Phoenix Science and technology, said the move is a big trend in the future, the electricity supplier is bound to take the road, as early as the layout, there is no harm.

he said that the background of mobile e-commerce is changing the user terminal usage behavior, with the use of intelligent mobile phone is becoming more and more popular, mobile e-commerce will become the main battlefield of e-commerce, change, Dangdang can meet user shopping behavior in smartphones will also bring some new features, such as: shopping integration of online and offline shopping and socializing.

public relations department said in 2011 where the customer Eslite, mobile phone client total mobile phone users exceeded 4 million, where the WAP station PV broken million, maximum daily volume exceeded 50 thousand single single. Where the goods in 2011 to buy mobile phone users on a single annual average of 3-4 times, the highest single day volume exceeded 50 thousand. Orders from the mobile terminal has accounted for the total order amount of 10%.

vertical mobile B2C mmb.cn deputy general manager Liu Hongfei talked about the reason why the traditional electricity providers began to favor of the mobile terminal, analyzes three reasons: first, the mobile terminal on the PC side of the Internet is the extension of time; two, more effective use of idle time users browse products; three, the number of users of mobile terminal is several times PC the end of the.

2012 will be dangdang.com, Jingdong mall, Eslite and other large B2C force for one year, is pure mobile business enterprises are facing pressure and change in a year. Analysys data show that in 2010 China mobile phone shopping market size of about 4 billion 100 million yuan, and this year’s turnover is expected to be approaching 10 billion. Although the phone side of the business side of the PC business does not have the alternative, but in the long run, it is bound to become one of the main driving force of B2C market revenue growth in 2012.

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