existing line independent media, and not very mature content positioning.

TECH2IPO original editor Yang Tao

this is my first article as a guest author of things. A thing, as a member of the Sina group in such traditional media network, new media or independent media made a lot of exploring science and technology. So in this article, we discuss the impact of the independent technology media and the ecology of the media industry.

independent XX media instead of new media

first list known as the "new media" website list: 36 krypton, TECH2IPO network, Lei Feng, original love fan children, tiger sniffing, titanium media, hunting cloud network etc.. They are mainly concerned about the technology, universal technology and business topics, content sources including compile, self written and two times finishing, user submission.

Big companies

they are not tied to the mainstream, not the traditional sense of "professional" members of the media, by more news 80, 90 sensitive young team, faster and more agile, through advertising, to activities, B service profit.

I prefer the use of independent XX media, this name is more in line with what the group is doing, as well as their own positioning. New media is a highly dynamic drum or religious characteristics of vocabulary, seems to be to start a revolution, once the portal has been the "new media" between the lines underfoot, but in 90s once they are very demagogic new media.

I do not recognize the independence of the media who will be the fate of leather, which is only accompanied by the increasingly homogeneous media competition, the inevitable changes. Readers have a higher demand for reading or content consumption, and independent media is to meet their needs.

from this point of view, the independent media is to promote the media industry in advance, it is belong to the era of the pathfinder. For example, in the king freely before, everyone will think, the original video evaluation can be made in this way, although we are dissatisfied with the status quo at present, but Wang Ziru will truly realize his ideas, so he has been sought after, whether it is micro-blog, Youku or user.

so the power of the media comes from a person who is not satisfied with the status quo, everyone is willing to become independent media. As for the actual performance, it is necessary to wait for users to vote with their feet.

mature independent media is not enough

The emergence and popularity of

independent media, because the breakthrough of the existing media ecology, to the audience to bring a new and fresh feeling. But the existing line of independent media, including my own ideas, and not TECH2IPO, content positioning is very mature.

what kind of content positioning mature? 1, differentiation. 2, vertical digging. 3, >