three squirrels sell sell adorable, nuts, this is the only proper course to take a new generation of consumers.


although I do not know what is adorable, Uncle Zhang Liaoyuan in fact is also very "Adorable"

2013 three squirrels sales of more than three hundred million, of which only "double eleven" one day to sell 35 million 620 thousand, Tmall sales in the first category of nuts. By the end of 2013, the founder of the five executives to the end of the year award is: one car per person.

three squirrels sell Meng way

three squirrels since the start of June 2012, started from the five nest houses entrepreneurial environment, has now settled in Wuhu District of Yijiang high tech Industrial park. They use only a few months, will complete the specified action prescribed by the government in three years rent free. The groundbreaking ceremony for the three squirrels office building has been launched, and in a short time, they will move to their own".

if you do not know who rashly into the three squirrels headquarters office, will probably think that one of the burgeoning domestic animation company. The walls of the door are filled with the sense of the original wood cut, probably a squirrel in the forest. The walls were painted and painted with a few meters. Small ornaments filled with the entire derivatives display area. On the wall of the partition, the cartoon characters of three squirrels.

people can not escape the fate of the squirrel. Three squirrels in front of the attendance book, in addition to Zhang Liaoyuan was regularly called Zhang Zhang, the rest of the people have a mouse to start the name. For example, Hu Houzhi took over the factory, called "flower rat crazy" is the name of this flower in the enterprise has successfully replaced each person’s name. Put on the common "mouse" name, in the three squirrels, is "family". Zhang Liaoyuan intends to build a "home" culture as the background of the enterprise, this setting at least to effectively enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and employee ownership.

customers in the eyes of the three squirrels, of course, sell nuts. However, less than a year after joining the company’s general manager Zhang Cheng, but I replied: the task is to sell three squirrels meng". "No integrity, adorable goods, seeking Nurturing" has become a significant symbol of the three squirrels. If Taobao open Pro culture, three squirrels open is the master culture". Three squirrels customer service department called global owner satisfaction center, customer service as a squirrel star ", specifically for the customer master to deliver a" rat small box package, which comes with a gift bag called mouse pouch, take the product called "adoption of a rat small box".


Zhang Liaoyuan to encourage customer service and customer communication, the establishment of a deeper relationship than the sale of the relationship between. Even including the customer as long as possible, our focus is to assess the communication with the owner, to make friends." Zhang Liaoyuan said: "how to make friends? If the customer praise you, I think you"