flow is the basis of a web site, many webmaster every day to worry about traffic, trying to promote their own websites, forums, SEO, top posts in Baidu know, QQ propaganda and so on what methods are used, the flow still didn’t come up, but also waste a lot of energy, but also get disheartened, I will give you the following introduce a very effective and vigorous promotion, this method make the site every day my traffic from more than 1 thousand IP into every breakthrough 10000IP, but also increase, the daily income also increased from $1.2 to $20 a day.


method is very simple, I do website is a focus on the baby feeding site, with a lot of maternal women website website, extensive cooperation and exchange of the page title link with them, such as http://s.baobaocan.com/News/20091323507.html this page, there are a lot of articles under the title link, because the display page to see who is very much I give others, website chain two title link to others in the site also displays the page to me two chains of the title link all the displayed page, read the article users see the link, will point, the effect is very good, I work 5 stations, traffic immediately from 1000IP to 10000IP, the daily income increased from $1.2 to $20. Although I have contributed thousands of IP to others, but I would like, because I do not contribute to others, I still stay at $1.2 a day.

to do such a link is simple and easy, link do not do anything, waiting to receive traffic and money. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a female website, mother and child website, and so on, you can also work with me, my QQ99875195, but there is a requirement, you must always have at least 1000 IP traffic.