"if SkyDrive lost, I might not play on the Internet!" 115 SkyDrive founder Lai Linfeng has publicly said that the expression for the 115 SkyDrive business value and effort into the. From the grassroots Lai Linfeng earlier this year to pirated Windows operating system "for" started in 2005 for has become well-known Internet company registered capital of 10 million yuan in Dongguan’s business, including ylmf operating system (Ylmf OS), 114 site navigation (114la.com), 116 (116.com) and aggregation search. 115 SkyDrive was founded in 2009, as a pioneer in the domestic cloud storage industry, three years, 115 SkyDrive rapid development, but also faces the bottleneck from the policy, copyright, privacy, funds etc.. Especially the policy because of the pressure of 115 SkyDrive adjust sharing strategy, A5 webmaster network news, August 8th, 115 sites in a paper notice, announced the cancellation of the public share function. He pushed himself to the edge of the cliff.

115 SkyDrive closed share announcement

cancel share only 115 SkyDrive adjust share strategy ultimately hobson. Will be announced in early March 7, 2011 115 SkyDrive, outside the chain of all video resources sharing is prohibited, the official reason given is "to cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights". In the closing of the public share of the previous August 1st, 115 sites have also announced that the phone does not bind the account, will cancel the public sharing function. Just a week, then close all share function, 115 believe that SkyDrive is to get rid of the upset. Close the public share, many users and Internet users have expressed, can only choose to give up 115 of SkyDrive, "find another job". At present, the 115 SkyDrive, more like a social system based on the SkyDrive business, through the circle of friends, users can share and exchange, and add the application through the 115 app store.


closed share does not represent the 115 website will be doomed eternally road. But this will greatly reduce the user activity leads to a large number of users, for the future development direction and profit model will be a big blow. Domestic and similar competitors, Kingsoft disk, T disk, FlashGet cool disk, Baidu SkyDrive investment, not affected by policy factors change sharing strategies for the future development of SkyDrive 115 will be a huge challenge. 115 the site’s situation also highlights some common problems exist in the domestic website industry.

policy, privacy, copyright industry SkyDrive

three mountains

has been the policy, privacy, copyright is SkyDrive industry development 3. This is the chain of mountains. After the world’s most famous SkyDrive Megaupload accused of infringement by the United States government shut down let SkyDrive domestic industry cast a shadow. SkyDrive’s free to share, so many copyright, privacy issues.