Baidu and eBay, respectively, due to alleged infringement of the defendant. The day before, the city center of the two networks involved in intellectual property cases were verdicts: Baidu was sentenced to 48 hours in the website published a statement, and to the public transportation company, Volkswagen Trackbacks company to compensate 50 thousand yuan; and the seller through eBay Auction pirated "kushu" electronic version of the act was identified for the seller of personal behavior, disclaimer.

Because the

in 2007, received a large number of telephone complaints, public Trackbacks found a large number of "Li Gui populace moved" a whoop and a holler grab business. In their search engine Baidu type "public Trackbacks Logistics Co. Ltd.", "public Trackbacks and other keywords, in the" PPC "column, a large number of fake" masses remove furniture "in the name of company website link. As a result, they on the grounds of trademark infringement and unfair competition, Baidu and two related technology companies to court.

the second city court that the third party website to accept Baidu PPC service website, unauthorized use of "Shanghai Volkswagen Trackbacks Logistics Co., Ltd.", "public Trackbacks" and other words, violated the plaintiff’s "public" registered trademark, constitutes unfair competition. Three the defendant shall be liable for the infringement.

price of HK $85000 "wenyuange electronic version", was seller Lee public auction price of 60 yuan, the electronic version of the software development of Hongkong Digital Heritage Publishing Company, publishers and software areas of Shanghai Century Publishing Group, the infringement of computer software copyright grounds, Shanghai eBay eBay eBay trade limited company, the network information service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the dock.

city court that the two defendants as the trading platform of network service providers, did not participate in the infringement of others through the network, nor to help others through the network infringement. Two defendants have done a reasonable duty of care, does not constitute infringement of the plaintiff.

judge explained, Baidu lost the lawsuit, the biggest reason is that the company’s competitive ranking column is charged."