Tianjin first founded by college students ordered network — every day new dish network for more than 5 months since the dismal state of operation, the monthly net loss of 4000 yuan, three young people full of SAP advocate online selling concept, has not been recognized by the market, they the difficult road of entrepreneurship.

three young start order dish network

Qu Zhenfeng, Wei Xiaojun, and

are college classmates and graduated from Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute in 2006. Two years later, they hope to do business. Three people found that in the domestic big cities, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou can buy food online, other cities have not opened this business.

three people made a questionnaire to the market to buy food to the public. The survey results show that more than 90% people to buy food can be recognized online shopping business, this result gives them great confidence. In 2009 June, after spending 30 thousand yuan, three young people opened a shop in the Zhongshan Gate area, the entity and the founder of vegetables every day new dish network accept online orders combined with the road of entrepreneurship.

process is far more difficult than imagined. At first, they only in the Hedong District, Hexi District, Heping District to carry out business, and later extended to the Hongqiao area. Riding an electric car, a run is more than half of Tianjin.

was shut down without competitive advantage Menlian

market is cruel. The Zhongshan Gate area is a densely populated residential area, there are several large food market nearby, which leads to their surrounding vegetable stall in no competition. The orders sent through the site is also very few, sometimes one day less than an order. Just start a business is facing the predicament of management is the three young people have not thought of, they decided to shut down after a fierce quarrel, Zhongshan Gate office moved to the front, they live in Hexi District Longhai apartment site has also been revised, specializing in online selling business, so you can save a part of the expenses.

      monthly loss of four thousand prospects trap


moved to Longhai in August 2009 from the apartment, they reached an agreement with Dazhigu markets, pollution-free vegetables can get the wholesale price from the market in accordance with the order of the day, and then follow the order in the retail price points to the customer home. Qu Zhenfeng is responsible for receiving orders and maintenance of the website on the Internet, Wei Xiaojun is responsible for the procurement of vegetables and fruits, Liu Daofu is responsible for the delivery of. Liu Daofu believes that young white-collar workers are the main potential consumer groups in the future. Open their delivery records is not difficult to find, delivery locations are like style spring, decimating the city and other new high-end residential. In this way, net >