a few years ago, the official start of the Chinese domain name registration application. With the application to the relevant international organizations, is expected this year can be directly input". China and other Chinese domain name access website. Even the day, reporters found that the domain name registration application Chinese pure cold in Jiujiang. And in stark contrast to this, some of the well-known Chinese companies in the domain name, has long been a foreign enterprise or individual playing the idea.

Chinese Internet Information Center five Chinese domain name "Mount Lu love" was registered by the query results.

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Chinese to grab Jiujiang

, according to industry insiders suggest that in January 26th, the website China Internet Network Information Center is in charge of the domain name registration login, search Chinese Jiujiang involving domain name, domain name Chinese pure found many well-known enterprises in our city have been the same person or foreign enterprises registered, registered some time over 10 years.

like "· China Changhe Automobile, Changhe Automobile;".Cn ", in February last year was a man named Sun Huidong registration time for a period of 1 years. "The U.S. House dairy · Chinese", "U.S. House dairy.Cn", was a man named Huang Jian registered, the effective time lasts from 2006 to 2016. And quite rich cultural atmosphere of the Jiujiang "American · Chinese", "American.Cn", was a man named Zhou Liang registered, founded in January 2008, is valid for 3 years. "Ya Dong cement · China", "cement.Cn", was registered by a man named Zhou Guoshun, valid for two years. In addition, the city some well-known private enterprises and banks have not been spared, like "Liansheng group · China, Liansheng group.Cn, Xinhua company · Chinese", "Xinhua company.Cn", "· of Bank of Jiujiang, Bank of Jiujiang Chinese;".Cn ", are foreign institutions or others. The people’s livelihood group · China, Minsheng group.Cn was the name of the people’s livelihood group of Qingdao first registration, a one-time registration time of up to 14 years.

, the reporter found that some foreign investors have the domain name registered in the above efforts, famous enterprises Chinese domain at the same time, even with Chinese traditional Chinese domain names are registered. Even some of Jiujiang’s iconic historical and cultural attractions have not let go, like "Mount Lu love.· China", "Mount Lu love.Cn", "three springs · China", "three springs.Cn", "Xunyang Lou · China, Xunyang Lou.Cn, were registered by foreigners.

Chinese JiuJiang Railway Station network library director Liu Shengjin, at present, Jiujiang enterprises registered the domain name Chinese consciousness is not strong, they help the construction of the city’s more than 600 small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce platform, the registered agent of many English domain, but up to now, there is not yet a business to help them find a pure Chinese domain name registration.