had investigated the v-mobile bicycle project in Fuzhou a Asset Management Co responsible person Mr. Lee to reporters calculations. Each Mobell bike costs 500 yuan, deposit up to 299 yuan, the early recovery of investment in fixed assets 60%. If the bike daily income of 5 yuan, about five weeks to recover funds.

recently, an article entitled "shared bicycle, really is a national mirror" article sparked heated debate. A bicycle and a large number of sharing digital photos of the destruction, to tell people the quality of people of the state. To share the bicycle as the representative of the "shared traffic" in recent years, rapid development, but the sharing of traffic in order to run smoothly, the public needs to have a higher public awareness and the spirit of contract. "Everyone is my vision, whenever and wherever possible" to some "free lunch" luck, also launched a large-scale civil quality test. Shared electric cars were halted due to violation of various levels of testing controversy. What do consumers think? What do managers say? Where does the capital side’s confidence come from?.

vehicle lost? Received parking fee? Shared bike embarrassing

Third party research institutions

data released the "2016 China ratio sharing bicycle Market Research Report" shows that as of the end of 2016, the number of users sharing Chinese bicycle market as a whole has reached 18 million 860 thousand, is expected in 2017, the market share single user scale will continue to maintain substantial growth, will reach the end of 50 million the size of the user. However, the sharing of bicycle is frequently embarrassing.

in Henan Zhengzhou city 27 road gate of Shanghai, reporters were riding a parked bicycle sharing bicycle parking area when the side of the parking administrator then quickly ran over to collect parking fees. Administrator said: as long as the deposit to the parking lot to pay parking fees, not to the parking lot. You think we rented a place, we stopped here, we can do nothing."

this is not the case. After sharing the bike landed in Zhengzhou, was an additional charge parking fees, and even the enclosure is also a special parking fees charged. Such embarrassment, the public ridicule as no sale".

there are users, said: "for example, others ride that, I go over the past, you let me pay is certainly unreasonable ah. Riding a piece of two does not matter, so much, I might as well do a rub it. It’s not that convenient."

actually, parking fees is just one of the embarrassment of sharing ofo vehicles in Zhengzhou since the encounter. In the interview, some people reflect, this new share vehicle with no fixed parking place, there is no bicycle pile fixed, so after use, parking has become a big problem, and the streets are also emerging small yellow car parking "".

in response to this situation, recently put in the Zheng Dong District of Zhengzhou more than and 200 small yellow car was all under the buckle, and the number is still increasing. For such an approach, Zheng Dong New District municipal garden water authority staff