introduction: this year is approaching 315, which concerns of consumers will be exposed? We count a few words about the electricity supplier in the field was the most complaints.


keyword [create section]

list of reasons:

"create Festival" the brand to the market marketing tools, originally understandable. But a considerable part of the electricity supplier "Festival" gimmick than substance, just use the "discount", "clear", "berserk" and other words to create a business atmosphere let bleeding. In fact, most of the exaggerated, some items may seem cheap, but in reality is a similar "full 300 by 60 and other means to increase the threshold of a discount.

case: electricity supplier made into crazy

now, electricity supplier Festival seems to have become a kind of atmosphere. The famous Tmall "double eleven", the festival is blossom everywhere. launched the "spoiled Festival", "girl’s Day", glutinous rice nets Jingdong "butterfly Festival", the way cattle net "Tourism Festival", "Qijia net Festival home".

according to media statistics, from the "new year, 1314 together, awesome red coupons" to catch the "Valentine’s Day", and then to the traditional promotional feast "Golden Week", then to "the battle of the summer heat, finally to today’s" 818 ", is a business website as of August last year it has been in the name of the holiday to do 9 big promotion! Average equivalent to a monthly section.

If the

plus one store, Jingdong, Tmall, Dangdang, Amazon and other large electricity providers of these so-called anniversary, the so-called user feedback, large-scale promotional activities, the electricity supplier website almost everybody realize a childhood dream, every day a holiday. A social survey results also show that when they learned that these electricity supplier promotional activities, 71% of consumers have not been able to produce a look at the consumer impulse.

keyword [fake]

list of reasons:

2014 media reports about selling electricity supplier, really shocking. The first is the end of July, the media exposed a company called Xiang Peng Hengye suppliers by a well-known electronic business platform selling counterfeit clothing and watches the entire operation chain. Then the "double eleven", the State Administration for Industry and Commerce sampling found that Tmall, shop No. 1,, Amazon and other electricity providers suspected of selling counterfeit goods, which shows the cancer has spread to the deep electricity supplier fakes.

: the case of Jingdong accused of selling fake leather

Zhang is a company salesman, in November 25, 2014, he orders at the mall to buy 12 Jingdong fur coat, the total price of 4716 yuan. Three days after the arrival of Mr. Zhang unpacking carefully check the clothes, found that the poor quality of clothing, rough workmanship, and each piece of clothing, there are actually two signs.

reporter noted that the two signs of the information is very far away, the implementation of large signs standard display for FZ/T81007>