marketing chaos

1, has claimed to be the word of mouth marketing experts, there are product experts, experts recommend.

is now a lot of friends heard the experts think that Baidu search expert "idiotic" scene. In fact, before seemingly health care advertising, the most used is the so-called love expert head, has been exposed to a post and a comparison chart, said a grey-haired ad, looks experts than experts uncle, is actually the actor dressed, repeatedly playing the old Chinese medicine, old medical experts, XX research institute. So the university professor clay is very sensitive to the word expert, perhaps even if the net is a joke. Of course, the number of experts in the hospital is very difficult to hang on, as to see a cold can also open a few thousand dollars of medical expenses, is not XX brick home do not know.

2, vulgar speculation, the market is very large

when the so-called lower body writing Mu Zimei now do not know where to go, she recently have not heard, she occasionally bursts out a material. As for the XX door of the heroine, a vindication of success, also not successful. The domestic version of the pin for villa, soon leads behind the real purpose, the "bankruptcy". These speculation, we feel that it is basically more and more vulgar, but feel that the market is still large.

3, what kind of data is valid data

no matter the so-called word-of-mouth marketing, or other marketing methods, to the customer reviews or as a successful case shows, data reports have appeared on the Internet the number of search results, the number of thread like data, in fact some data on customer effect how? What kind of data is valid


4, comment on the site, there are a large number of businesses, merchants card.

met a lot of friends, I recently experienced a real experience. A restaurant, posted online coupons, coupons can be said to be discounted to XX price, behind the "customer" of the top posts from someone out "spoiler", said that in fact that place is the price, in other words, in fact, some customers top posts seems really care, and verified the coupon really like the "spoiler" said.

5, trial site, the original idea is very good, but many products are a piece of praise.

a lot of people wonder, since so much praise, but did not see the market to sell particularly hot.

word-of-mouth marketing misunderstanding, wrong people harm themselves

word of mouth marketing was originally meant to have a word of mouth through the comments, so as to achieve marketing purposes. But university professor clay is more willing to take as a word-of-mouth marketing ideas, through the guidance and interactive comment etc. comprehensive way, so as to achieve the sales or user accumulation.

but in the actual operation, the operation is very easy to mistake and even affect the overall brand reputation harm to the people himself. The "expert" in the above case was originally intended to be