Optimize the user experience by website stating that "

2013 Baidu continuously, punishing cheating sites, especially super chain chain with cheating algorithm, years for the emperor theory was broken, at once, just outside the chain to meet the strong, even if the site is also very well received The atmosphere was foul. ranking on the forum signature the chain, briefly, the number of large, has become the best choice of the station today, you still bitter give a website do BBS signature chain? First analysis the BBS signature of the chain has the following defects:

1, the period is too short, a huge number of forum posts a lot, and will take the initiative to find finishing expired post, the chain cycle time is too short signature, if you choose the forum outside the chain, every day you are tired of post operation, if after a week does not exceed, your site will be able to enter.

2, the content of the quality is not high, the forum has become the SEO residence, which is SEO, very few real meaningful content, most of the posts are copied once post, plus a connection out, repeat too much content, find more and more do not pay attention to form input, share more and more low.

can not be denied, the chain is still the forum signature play a certain role, but the role now is to follow the natural The loss outweighs the gain. do optimization, search direction and so on now, the webmaster to do?

1, do not blindly to learn major competitor analysis, is a powerful weapon SEO often use, after the competition, we can understand the lack of we can see, to learn, but not blindly to learn to find the station, station and station for degree is not the same, if the user is seen from the search results in the content of sina NetEase ranked in the final, others will not say Sina has doubt, but that the search is not good, so the famous website ranked in the final. Find out from the user experience, this point is very clear. Therefore, some way is a useful approach to the progress of portal site ranking, but the station is about to kill poison.

2, have personality from a website to have a common unusual, from the side, whether the user is the search engine, are expected to see the readability of Web site, there is no who rely on all imitate others dramatically results (of course, there is a company in the outside, we all know not to mention), especially in Baidu has been initiated by the high quality of the original and the readability of the content mainly focus on user experience under the premise, blindly copying others to slow Dutch act.

3, pay attention to

station webmaster, can no longer rely on the chain, is still more to much time on the site, for example, punctual quantitative update high quality original articles, high weight forum and website announced the occupation of the chain, the optimization of the 404 elements of stationmaster needs to back page and image Alt tags so, should strengthen the optimization. The entire site of the update, planning and planning, should be around the key word and the title of the site to open, so that your site is more conducive to search >