A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 25th news, the official release of 4G licenses, the original into the bottleneck of mobile social networks into the water. This month, the Tencent, Sina launched a short video applications "micro" and "seconds", trying to through the video of this new interactive mode to seize the opportunities 4G.

as a Tencent in the mobile terminal of the latest social products, 8 seconds to shoot a short video microscopic application is doing a fight for. Just this week, the latest commercials or will be microscopic to market. Short video is not an easy to do product. In this way, their entrepreneurs tried many times, but with little success. Until Twitter with its media and social attributes, and finally the use of Vine will show the potential of the market in front of the public, the short video market was once again received attention.

why short video products are so hard to do? First, making the threshold is too high, many users do not know what should be used to shoot a short video application, or shot out of something very difficult to impress my friends resonate; secondly, the objective to limit the speed and flow so that users have concerns about the use of the products; in addition, the high cost of inputs, regardless of is the platform to build, market development, the business model is not clear, means that the product behind the funds and human resources will be a long-term work.


co president and chief technology officer Xu Liangjie said that the mobile Internet is being ushered in the outbreak, the recent issuance of 4G licenses means more perfect network environment, whether social or video have entered a new stage of development, production, users quickly share short-sighted frequency threshold will be greatly reduced, it is in this context. Sina micro-blog launched the second shot short video, homeopathic opening strategy, hoping to cooperate with third party partners to develop the mobile video business potential.

following text and pictures, short video has been accepted in a new form of social sharing. MIIT released data show that in the first half of 2013, compared to the end of 2012, the size of the mobile Internet video users grew by a relatively high growth rate. Among them, UGC video with originality and topic began to harvest certain coverage. According to iResearch data show that China’s online video site UGC video playback coverage of up to more than 400 million people, ahead of the long video of the 380 million people, covering the number of growth rate of 60.8%. 2012 China online video industry UGC video advertising revenue of 550 million yuan, although small, but a rapid growth of up to 130.2%. But more people believe that the traditional video hit the money to buy the copyright, buy the entrance is not suitable for the fragmentation of the experience based mobile platform, short video needs more UGC, more immediate, more social.

behind the competition behind the short video, more of its social platforms rely on competition. Tencent and Sina in the field of mobile social networking to create WeChat and micro-blog dual micro array >