organized by the Hebei Provincial Association of Internet, China Netcom (Group) Co., Ltd. Hebei branch, Chinese Hebei branch of China Unicom Hebei mobile communication limited liability company, China CTT Hebei branch, Hebei Province branch of China Telecom and other units with the first session of Hebei Province outstanding Internet site selection activities will be officially launched in July 20, 2007, selection lasted two months, combining with Internet users selection and selection of experts for the first time the selection of Hebei Province ten public website, ten commercial website of a total of 20 provincial excellent website.

the selection of activities to the "civilized and development" as the theme, the spirit of "to the participating sites selection of open and fair" principle, to promote the healthy development of Hebei Province, to promote the development of network culture, network economy to encourage users to participate, to better display the community good achievement in the office network use of the Internet and the civilization, improve the level of development of the Internet industry in Hebei province.

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2, the website shall obtain administrative license in accordance with the law, the Ministry of information industry website for the record. The need for pre approval services (news, publishing, education, health care, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, culture, radio, film and television programs, etc.) need to be approved by the relevant departments. The commercial websites should have a legitimate business qualifications, contract, credit, tax law, law-abiding.

3, the election site should have a high impact and hits in Hebei, column positioning clear and accurate, rich in content, updated in a timely manner. Have the ability and experience of organizing large-scale special report quickly, have good development momentum, have obtained good social benefits and economic benefits.

4, the website should have good professional ethics, abide by the rules and regulations of the industry, obey the industry management, promote the spirit of fair competition, no major complaints.

two, participating

Association of the Great Wall online news, Hebei news network, Hebei TV network, Shijiazhuang news network, the Milky Way network, Hebei network, Chinese campus network of Hebei Normal University, Hebei University Of Science and Technology campus network website, jointly launched a special selection of the "best website in Hebei province" award, expert, media recommend participating sites list published on the internet. At the same time set up Web site registration (July) and Internet users vote. Website recommendation registration, must be approved in order to determine the candidate site.
, three selection criteria

will be selected by the selection of the work of the expert group according to the influence of the site, click on the site, the site column settings, the amount of information on the site, public service projects, the industry self-regulation, etc.