original title: from the beneficiaries to become contributors, the leader – in Wuzhen to understand the power of the Internet advocated

November 16th, Jiangnan Water Village Wuzhen, 1600 guests from around more than and 110 countries and regions and 16 international organizations gathered in this dialogue, "innovation driven for the benefit of mankind to build a community of Destiny — network space".

World Internet once again into the Wuzhen time, enter the China time".


22 years ago, China’s access to the Internet; after 22 years, adhering to the open, cooperative, sharing, participation in the Chinese Internet, the beneficiaries of the global development of the Internet is becoming a contributor and leader.

from the first session of the world Internet Conference to the Third World Conference of the Internet, more and more participants, more and more Chinese loud voice, came from Wuzhen’s Internet advocates increasingly welcome and attention.

in Wuzhen, people read is a big country in the global governance system of the Internet in the confidence, pattern and play.

development of the Internet to adapt to people’s expectations and needs, so that people can use, affordable, well used, there is a sense of sharing in the development of more

Internet development, for whom?

in April 19th this year, held a forum on network security and information technology has made such an answer: the network to develop the cause of faith, we must implement the people centered development.

16, the opening ceremony of the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen, the proposed "adhere to the common well-being of mankind as the fundamental", is China’s consistent proposition that the world’s third.

in Wuzhen, just 1 hours southwest of Hangzhou, a project called "urban data brain" is being implemented here. This is being carried out by the Hangzhou municipal government, Ali cloud, Foxconn project, will use big data, intelligent algorithms such as the latest Internet technology, the global real-time analysis of city, automatic allocation of public resources, solve difficult problems such as traffic congestion in city governance.

this achievement, in Wuzhen, the internet light Expo debut. With the appearance of the sensor can also be used to identify three-dimensional gestures, chips and other actions, and converted into language or text, "translation gloves". Science and technology so that the exchange of more ‘soul interlinked’, this glove if applied to the real life of the deaf people, will greatly improve their communication, which is the embodiment of Internet technology innovation for the benefit of mankind." Chen Cong, head of the study at the scene said.


as the world’s Internet congress permanent site of Wuzhen, is a microcosm of the development of the Internet China specific people. People living here are deeply felt the changes brought about by the internet.

set up at the end of 2015