Abstract: entrepreneurship is definitely a close call, Chinese TMT those after thoroughly tempered, over $1 billion valuation unicorn, or listed in 2016; VC/PE BAT investment institutions and other Internet giants, will usher in the harvest season, at the same time, a large number of millions, tens of millions or even billions of millionaires will be born, making the rich Movement entered the countdown!


Chinese startups can also only tens of millions, tens of millions of fighting dozens of very rare Unicorn; China venture million, this money can be tens of millions of mining support BAT? From a start-up company to grow into a $1 billion valuation of the unicorn, need not only high IQ + good EQ, step by step, strategizing, also need to "strong capital + hardcore users", step by step gold, a hundred responses to a single call.

Although the

Chinese environment slightly impetuous, but the real entrepreneurial people understand that entrepreneurship is a close call, not only a "solitary Yong Chuang bridge thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers," the war ", but also in possession of hidden intra-abdominal army" strategy. The investment community the inventory in 2016, unicorn company which will be both intelligent and courageous successfully listed on the peak,



NO1 SF head: Wang Wei

listing time: the second half of 2016

listing location: A shares

current market value: $15 billion (about 100 billion yuan)

total financing: 8 billion yuan

index: assumes


investors: Yuan Wo Holdings, China Merchants Group, CITIC Capital, jade capital and other

update: February 19, 2016, SF announced that under the CITIC Securities, China Merchants Securities, Huatai Securities counseling.

: the big industry with the electricity supplier’s Sturm und Drang, the courier industry ushered in the golden period of development, in the past five years in 2016, the express industry to enter the capital racing era. In December 2015, at a price of 16 billion 900 million yuan STO backdoor Edisi, became the first A stock market of express industry shares; in January 2016, Yuantong Express announced that the proposed backdoor dowin landing A shares market; in February 2016 the media broke the news, in the United States is planning to express the first public offering (IPO), or will become the first in the United States listed Chinese express company.


NO2 Lu Jin: head of Jikui born

listing time: by the end of 2016

listing location: A shares, Hong Kong stocks, stocks are likely to

current market value: $18 billion 500 million (about 1>)