yesterday’s article, Kun Peng theory and share the problems in the construction of a major share of the original content, method of how to write original content, today to share, what type of media content more easily by users, we hope to help. Want to improve the level of writing from the media, Kun Peng on the construction of a WeChat writing training camp, you can add micro signal: dpteng001, notes plus writing group, Kun Peng on the pull into the writing group, to improve the level of writing.

a news class


at any time, the current hot spot news can attract enough attention. So, no matter what kind of media, should be the news content as one of the regular content. As a self media operators, should focus on two aspects:


one is from the media positioning related news;

two is a popular news for everyone.

The advantage of

news is obvious, but the disadvantage is obvious. News requirements in a timely manner, timeliness requirements are very high. At the same time, from the media people’s news sensitive perceptual requirements are also very high. Can catch a hot event before the hot, is the most test level place. Really wait until things have been written after the news content has no effect. So the news from the media, to fight the brain, more physical strength.

two, knowledge


knowledge can be public knowledge, can also be industry knowledge or expertise, such as a variety of common health knowledge, like "incommutable 99 folk recipe" and so on.

but the general knowledge of the article is divided into the majority of professional, comprehensive knowledge of the article, the aggregation of the user is not accurate, the effect is not very good. Knowledge is the most popular health knowledge articles, especially with people pay more attention to health, environment, diet and other reasons caused by increasing sub-health population, health knowledge from the media, the fire was in a complete mess, casually reading an article can have hundreds of thousands of.

three, experience class


experience class mainly refers to the people in the production of life summed up some experience, skills, methods. It can be public or professional, such as:

to prevent being killed: Lijiang travel Raiders

"15 do not know life tips"

Taobao shopping, how to prevent deception

"for those war" pox "Youth"

professional such as:

"a little"