lead: 4 years ago, the industry showed a group purchase speed the development of any industry has never seen; but when the boom subsided, rational expression, giant invasion, do

group purchase?The

| Sun Hongchao

this is the best time of group purchase, the top ranked group purchase site or sell a good price, or profit; this is the worst group purchase era, a large number of small and medium-sized websites have been closed down, which even has ranked second in the group purchase industry tick group, also had received large sums of financing 24 voucher.

group purchase story began in the spring of 2010, and a short period of 4 years, has experienced the development of group purchase capital darling, thousands of war, IPO crashed, the capital of winter, cuts off station, the rise of mobile and so on a series of roller coaster, this industry from a single independent group purchase website of the original, the situation began to increase to the electricity supplier the site of the group purchase channels and composite group purchase transaction platform of multi format coexist.

now, those who live down the site is more and more group buying site. In 2014, the group also how to play the site



her lost heart

the latest news is that after losing the coveted days of public comment, Baidu and Wo Wo Group are private and handle network for a new round of contact.

is a wave of giant group purchase sites are the door with the hands of money, look forward to these businesses with high-quality resources under the line of the former capital darlings recruited. In this wave of acquisitions, the first amnesty is renren.com’s sticky web (their body hanging on the world’s first listed enterprise group purchase aura), then the full network, the public comments have been occupied. Coupled with investment in the United States has already invested in the Alibaba, BAT points to eat the most valuable industry in the current group of 5 sites in the, the remaining 2 are constantly rumored scandal. For this acquisition rumors, handle network vice president Si Xinying explained that this is the accumulation of the O2O outbreak: "BAT series of group purchase, the O2O market in the heat accumulation, but this trillion market outbreak has not yet come."

this is not the first time triggered group purchase website giants coveted.

In the first year of

China group purchase website, group purchase brings high popularity and financing for several major domestic giants have carried out their business group purchase (Baidu has ah, QQ group, Taobao Juhuasuan, Sina group, NetEase, Sohu, love home group). On the other side of the ocean, Google is Groupon out of the crazy $6 billion. But the giants’ first attempt failed. Although the group seems to enter the threshold is low, but the actual need to succeed in line to invest a lot of manpower, financial resources. These line resources eventually become the core group purchase site of their value, rather than the huge burn brings brand awareness.

, vice president of the Beijing Hankou Wowo market Wei Technology NetEase said: "now the group purchase.