this morning, the Internet, my mobile phone received a text message from Dangdang Dangdang to Lee: awesome!! 3/15-16, 48 hours of audio books peak, the audience full of 200 back to 100!… Oh, MyGod, Dangdang crazy? As a super fan of Dangdang, my last year in books more than 1 thousand now, fast upgrade become a gold member. Never such a rebate, Dangdang books have been on the low price, it depends on what the money back? 100 is not a small number of Oh, half! With this question I entered

first saw a mandatory drop advertising, it is really unprecedented. But because I used to shut down, and then refresh can not see. Maybe it’s tomorrow, so today is just a show. Hey, tomorrow, I don’t worry, today I will choose to buy books, tomorrow, don’t underestimate my favorites, there are a lot of books waiting to buy in.

then I open the favorites, look at their own collection of books, suddenly head cross out of an idea, Dangdang book really is the cheapest? So with this idea I just search a book, don’t know, a look surprised, I compare the following screenshot:


first of all, these books are my comparison of the purchase and collection, there is no special targeted. All of the data are from the network (three book shopping network), by the website Analyst ( finishing release.

through a simple data statistics and comparison, we can see: the price of the three sites are different, Dangdang commodity prices are high, some of the goods even higher than about 10 yuan. Then we compare the cost of the three book shopping network settings and promotional activities.


on the freight, Dangdang and amount limit, other sites are not limited to the amount of free shipping.

online shopping, of course, there are other aspects of the comparison of different sites. When shopping, we must keep a clear head for the promotion of the business. If it is a real discount, of course, promotion is a good thing; but if it is to raise the price and then discount to buy, coupons for activities and what sense?. Just today, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing recently accepted an interview with Tencent science and technology, said the Department Store Dangdang loss, take the book profits. Here also advise businesses, do not make price war cheat, you can fool me once, two times, but you will not always be confused. The company’s sales profit does not depend on the discount coupons and, in your sales climbing down at the same time, please don’t forget the exit, who is swimming naked, we will be clear at a glance. Original website Analyst (>)