Baidu map CarLife landing new Tucson, Gao De proposed a high German, a multi screen cloud strategy, Tencent shares NavInfo, put forward the "fourth screen"…… The past in 2015, the car networking industry has become another battleground BAT three battle, the giants joined the car networking war becomes more exciting. Huge market dividends as "outlet" car networking has shown, deeply attracted by the BAT three giants have increased the layout and investment in this area, after a year of "fast" in 2016, who can occupy the car networking industry "highland" has emerged.

a, BAT car networking review in 2015: Car networking of the seven Hom

in my opinion, the so-called car networking, can not leave the road, cars and people. The map is the foundation of networked vehicles, vehicle systems, intelligent hardware is a bridge to let the car machine connected to the network, the cloud service is all functions of security, content and automobile manufacturers is the carrier landing function, while the driver is the ultimate beneficiaries and feedback car networking. Car networking is the eight parts of the organic series together, woven into a more users can live longer, carrying more features". So, BAT in the end how far on the road to the car networking, depends entirely on the net in the end how to weave.

1, a premise is to have a rope, rope is strong

more accurate mapThe car industry networking

cannot do without the road map, the data has become an important part of BAT to force. Baidu maps ten years of development, into the mobile terminal from the PC side, has established its own production team and complete; and Alibaba to $1 billion 500 million acquisition of High German map for map based data to master; Tencent is NavInfo shares to 1 billion 100 million yuan to become its second shareholders, also mastered the basic map data. Although the acquisition of the acquisition, the shares of the shares, the surface looked bustling, but the data in the end how, let us take a look at it.

Baidu map needless to say, the coverage of its road data, POI and panoramic data and other basic data, update frequency are in a leading position. The third quarter mobile phone map report released by Analysys think tank also shows, Baidu map coverage lead China mobile phone map market with 70.7% active users.

Yu Yongfu took over after the High German map also began a comprehensive transformation, instead of O2O, and put the "profit" for three years, began to return to the vehicle navigation, the intention is for the future of the network layout of the car, it seems that in the High German, online navigation and map is the first step of car networking.

As for the Tencent

map, although its market share is very small, only 2.2%, but the Tencent and by means of WeChat users not resigned to playing second fiddle, pushing position, LBS provides a set of integrated solutions for WeChat, the public continues to strengthen its layout.


map is the basis of the car networking, with the advantages of Baidu map in the development of car networking slightly slightly