Beijing morning news at the end of the double 11, double 12 and other electricity providers big promotion from us closer and closer. This year the electricity supplier big promotion, if there are "pre-sale do not enjoy the 7 days no reason to return, do not enjoy three bags of gifts" and other restrictions will be curbed. The General Administration of industry and Commerce yesterday issued the "Interim Provisions on the management of network goods and services". From the beginning of October 1st, the electronic business platform and then focus on promotional activities such as the violation of the above provisions of the behavior may be investigated.

according to the "Regulations", the network promotion, refers to the specific time, network promotion of the centralized third party trading platform operators organization on the Internet, to provide services by providing favorable conditions to carry out the sale of goods or business activities.

, the third party trading platform, as the organizer of the centralized promotion, shall record and keep the contents and release time of the goods and service information released on the platform during the promotion. At the same time, the trading platform for the promotion of online merchants to conduct inspection and monitoring, such as the discovery of illegal acts merchants can stop providing third party trading platform services, and publicity.

prior to the "double 11" have appeared in some stores provides pre-sale no quality of goods shall not return, and the trading platform support and other issues, the "Regulations" in the clear requirements, the third party trading platform shall not use the standard clauses provided refundable deposit, the pre-sale for seven days no reason to return to explain the goods in good condition and increase the limited withdrawal conditions exclude or limit the rights of consumers, reduce or exempt the operator responsibility, increased consumer responsibility to the consumer provisions unfair and unreasonable.

at the same time, the "provision" of fictitious trading volume, turnover and promotion of false praise, delete bad behavior explicitly prohibited, and a clear violation of the requirements of the third party business platform and shop businesses will be punished accordingly. If businesses in the sales promotion, change of issuing coupons, coupons, the use of integral method and time limit, also want to solicit the views of consumers, unless this change is conducive to the interests of consumers.