before we have discussed various approaches and methods, many Internet marketing blog marketing, email marketing, QQ marketing, TAOBAO marketing, etc…… In our life, just a little attention to friends is how propaganda, you can learn a lot, every kind of skills are what we need to learn can not, as long as the study of progress and breakthrough. So, today we talk about network marketing to borrow arrows with thatched boats.

"meaning, effortless, light and every get what they want. Can understand. What is the Internet, a station to do what is not good, and the station link do what? Only the site of IP traffic, what are easy to handle. Now let’s talk about a few tips. In the Baidu Post Bar inside I saw a lot of friends post needs to do a website, so after the release of information will have a lot of friends stand the door to contact you, but their ultimate aim is not to do, but for you to point his website for reference oh. Ha-ha。 Although it can not deny that there is a need to do, when you think about it after you will understand a lot is to make your point IP only; this is not very good, but they flow but it can temporarily increase the type.

again, whenever the Chinese new year, the holiday season, many of the blessings of the page we point and point, because we want to wish our friends happy holidays. So what hope to express their feelings, at this time the station changmen will make a separate blessing page, it will be sent to countless friends, not only the blessing of friends, also brought you want to IP resources. Friends feel good will be transferred to his friends, friends of his friends. The IP of this website is increasing continuously.

, then, the Internet is the most popular and spread quickly, a lot of things once exposed, will be a lot of people’s attention. So why don’t we take this opportunity to join the key words you want to promote, if you want better results, it is recommended that more original, so that more people to reprint is the best. Prior to a friend to use the bright door according to the popular period, released his article, and then added a: more photos please login: view, to his station has brought a lot of IP..

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