Internet advertising in a variety of forms, but there is a similar advertising in different types of Web sites often exist, but also bring a lot of traffic and advertising effects, as follows.

Jingdong home navigation underwear ad on the right side of the map

NetEase mailbox login first show 1 yuan advertising Indiana

QQ space "blocked visitor" click to open the "diamond" business advertising

is more than three very easy to see ads, they have a common feature, "temptation". The first is the use of advertising picture "temptation" to promote the brand of underwear, the second is the commodity price "temptation" to promote, and the third is the user information "temptation" to promote QQ diamond business. Internet advertising temptations everywhere, can be seen everywhere, for these temptations, we need to have the following considerations.

first, the Internet advertising temptation should be healthy and reasonable content. A lot of advertising websites designed to make people very tempted to let each have Xinruzhishui people see have ready to (here does not refer to pornographic temptation, but to all make it very easy for a user to click on or attention). Of course, the form of advertising creative uses "temptation element" is no ground for blame, otherwise the lifeless forms of advertising is too single, not necessarily caused many users attention, but the advertising content should be reasonable and healthy, otherwise it will lead to the user by the temptation of advertising an unhealthy advertising content, on the one hand, easy on the network breaking the law bottom line, on the other hand, will be the responsibility of the public, so that advertising on the Internet also survive the long time.

secondly, the Internet advertising temptation should give users a sense of trust. When we come into contact with so many forms of advertising, we often feel that they are easy to be cheated by the website. Here, first of all, not to mention the temptation to bring the contents of the advertising trust, first look at the Internet advertising to users with an example of distrust. I believe many of my friends, especially friends love often download some software in Baidu search, access to some websites (before it was the main download station) at present, become with the station almost to the user, even without a sense of confidence, if you want to download the software, and eventually enter the download page as shown below.

usually careful friends will know the screenshot above is the download page of the main page of the 80% space, there is no point in a connection is a direct download link to click on the real, and are those who promote this or that the software button links, a site that, even with the temptation of advertising lead a lot of traffic in, users first, more impatient second may believe the reliability of this website? Therefore, here the emphasis is an important form of Internet advertising, although "temptation" will bring real value to the user, otherwise the advertising effect is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

addition, the Internet advertising temptation content should grasp a certain scale >