was founded in 1999 by dangdang.com in 14 years of business career ups and downs, flourishing, but finally failed to purple red "is the first export surge high and sweep forward, crab" (the first B2C of domestic listed companies) is not so delicious? Or Dangdang the defects and deficiencies of

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some time ago, "Dangdang whether sell" once the voice in the Internet community noise badly, hundreds of Baidu has opened up such a topic, the same industry have provoked debates. Of course, in the end should not sell, or Li Guoqing’s family, we will plan a eyes to see the world Sichuan surge dynamic electricity supplier network.

2009 dangdang.com profit for the first time after the listing, at the risk of public companies as no substantial growth, until last year to open platform, to accelerate the comprehensive shopping mall, finally began to make profits, make the industry have said "when shareholders have vertical and horizontal tear", this way, Dangdang go it is not easy.

started with the listing: when big brother is also a child

both the Internet and offline business, "hero" is always a major factor in successful career, in 2009, the Jingdong also called "Jingdong mall", is just beginning to try the characteristics of door-to-door services; Tencent electricity supplier is in the beginning, full of good vision for the future of childhood; Ali there is no "Tmall", Taobao mall did not have independent domain name; vip.com membership exceeded 200 thousand, not just a venture……

is the initial stage, Dangdang is not so much a reference, seeing the large profits, market opportunities in front of us, stop doing rehabilitation is obviously not a "warrior" will choose the road, but after listing, the performance is not better than Dangdang, even in 2011, dangdang.com that the meager margin began a sudden turn for the worse.

the bright younger generation more than a generation, Dangdang has been shot on the beach

2010 Dangdang gross profit margins have also been rising rapidly, but after entering in 2011, Jingdong price war began to break into the book industry, Dangdang directly into the abyss of interest rates. The main business of the business battlefield Dangdang even not suppressed the creation of new Jingdong, which fell full somersault heartbreaking! Then, Dangdang began to introduce the category of business, trying to build online shopping platform, but start attracting businesses: traffic is always Dangdang "house not happiness", there has been no universal category can smooth over.

, the prevalence of fake cosmetics selling fake pills was sentenced to 10 times the compensation, sell iPhone rework is sentenced to compensate for 480 thousand, while in 2012 because of poor brand awareness dangdang.com, collection e-book reader "see" domain names registered by others, has long been engaged in the sale of the book is the lack of dangdang.com scale of warehousing and logistics, it also serious impact on the user experience of various products; 2013 Jingdong increase investment, Amazon ebook reading terminal Kin>