"people who rent" the platform to open the floodgates wide to

rule Weekend reporter Qiu Fei

car rental, rent clothes, rent…… Now, even people can rent? As the sharing economy prevails, similar to the "about" this through the sale of spare time to earn extra income to rent the platform, from the second half of last year began large-scale: about eating, errands, about watching movies, playing games, chatting, fitness…… On the platform of the lease project variety is eye-opening.

App Store search rule Weekend reporter found that the "rent" keyword corresponding a dozen applications; and in the WeChat input "rent" public number search is displayed, and the rent service on public number nearly 80, of which there are many public account number for the individual subject.

rent platform number, quality how? Law Weekend reporter noted that in previous reports about rent platform, high frequency words of "chaos", "Miss"; the legal profession to the netizen sounded the alarm: rent mode hidden many risks, even there may be a crime.

registration threshold low

in the rental platform for about third days to find someone to practice the ball, Zhang Jing, who lives in Beijing finally met the coach".

has always loved sports, Zhang Jing, recently hooked on playing golf. Over the past two months, in order to quickly improve the level, as soon as possible, Zhang Jing will come to work every day in the Wangjing area of a golf practice field practice ball. However, in the face of the high cost of golf training (where the training course is one to 800 yuan per hour), most of the time she is self-taught.

until Zhang Jing accidentally saw online rent platform "rent golf coach", "coach" the highest price as long as 300 yuan / hour, so she try holding the attitude, in July 1st to about APP released the single "golf coach in July 2nd teaching needs an appointment, service as he came to me," 7 days of valid demand.

needs to release a few minutes, Zhang Jing has received the invitation of 5 service providers, careful screening, she selected one of the two coaches and online payment of the deposit.

this is the first time that Zhang Jing uses the leased software.

"rent after I feel very bad! Two coaches in a lost; another says July 2nd no time, delayed a day, but after the meeting found that he is not a professional coach, and was actually the stadium caddy! This is my first time to rent, absolute and final times." Zhang Jing bluntly.

After the failure of the

experience, Zhang Jing want to return to the platform to pay the deposit. Customer service said to verify the situation after processing, has not yet returned." Waiting for the customer service, Zhang Jing also tried to contact the two coach again, but found that the two people in the single APP leave personal information is not true, fundamental >