although the overall sales point of view, the domestic group buying industry is still very prosperous. But this does not mean that all of the group buying site are living well, the situation is just the opposite.

day before the outbreak of group purchase website 24 coupons founder and CEO Du Yinan and KK investment on behalf of two factions: Du Yinan ‘s conflict officially lifted investors stationed in 24 ticket staff and management representatives also announced to stop 24 coupons. In addition, the old Group buy site handle network is not in good condition.


group purchase industry increasingly obvious, e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang said, is expected this winter, second "winter" will usher in the group purchase industry, some large group purchase website may face the risk of collapse.

handle is not out of the shadow of layoffs last winter

and 24 coupon management and founder of the same contradiction, in August, the founder of the handle network and Wu Bo investors broke the news of the rigid once occupied the layout of major media. At that time, lashou said in a statement, "founder and chairman Wu Bo as company, will continue to be responsible for the company’s strategic development and business innovation," the statement only emphasizes the chairman Wu Bo identity, but did not give the exact answer to whether resigned from the post of CEO. Lu Zhenwang to the IT Times reporter revealed that Wu Bo is now basically out of the management, but still exercise the duties of the chairman, to attend the board of directors".

In addition to

, "IT times" reporter to handle network insiders understand that we basically do not feel the existence of Wu Bo, we all thought that "Wu Bo has left", and the reason for leaving, they said it was the "top handle network factions".

in this regard, Lu Zhenwang said, handle network management does in the adjustment team, "investors have some of their own ideas, handle network original financial director Zhang is an agent of Wu Bo, he was in Wu Bo before leaving the exit management."

because of the team adjustment, the personnel changes in the network up and down the line over the past year is very frequent, there seems to be no out of the shadow of the whole group buying layoffs since last winter.

"IT times" September exclusive, lashou Northwest District Manager Wang Nan, and the handle network District, Hunan station, TianJin Railway Station each of the 3 person in charge in July have left. Recently, the "IT times" reporter learned exclusively, handle network managers have also been coaching the ShangHai Railway Station, ShangHai Railway Station, former deputy general manager Tang Shilong to leave at the end of May this year, he said the reason for leaving their influence high-level changes brought about by the "IT times" in an interview with reporters; Director Zhao Ping handle network public relations has to leave a few weeks ago.

insiders to "IT times" reporter said, handle network nationwide in October last year the layoffs do exist, and "compensation for good", such as the ShangHai Railway Station was cut in half, now only 60 employees.

sales staff is no longer popular

handle network is not