Liu Yun

vice president of Google Greater China region (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lin Yan) October 20th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Google Greater China region vice president Liu Yun reiterated on 19, Google will continue to provide "like other market the best products and services to users Chinese".

Liu Yun made the above statement on the 2 China Conference held in 19. "China 2" conference held in Beijing, Stanford University sponsored the meeting.

Liu Yun said at the conference, Google, China mainland is a very important market, Google will continue to China Internet users, to provide the best products and services like other markets; at the same time, the Google team will also make every effort to China users and provide a variety of help.

Liu Yun also said that China has a huge potential for digital marketing, because in China’s 30 million to 40 million SMEs, only less than 2 million SMEs are currently able to sell their products online.