Admin5 webmaster network August 21st news, the Japanese venture capital firm Infiniti Ventures announced the completion of the Chinese mobile phone SNS world network 200 million yen (about $2 million) investment. Infiniti Ventures said it would provide financial advisor to the world wide web, and sent a partner Tanaka Akio as the world network board members. Infiniti Ventures is Japan’s current fast development of venture capitalists, the partners have a brilliant investment experience, Kobayashi, including GREE in Japan successfully listed on the SNS mobile phone company last year, 3 year investment income of more than 100 times.

It is reported that

, Infiniti Ventures is one of the world co investor network, is Japan’s SNS operation transaction of listed companies DeNA purchased a majority stake in the network world.

, according to informed sources said that the reason is that the acquisition of DeNA world network world net present development model and framework and DeNA service architecture in Japan is similar to that of DeNA China hope will create the world network has not yet formed. At the same time, Japan’s IVS summit held in May, DeNA President Nanba Chiko to NetEase technology, said the current focus on the Chinese market, the future will be in the form of a joint venture in the Chinese market.

it is reported that the world network is China’s mobile dating network, focusing on mobile SNS services, more than 30 million registered users, independent access to nearly 1 million users. DeNA is one of Japan’s largest mobile SNS listed companies, currently has more than 600 employees, the market value of nearly $1 billion 500 million, the company entered the Chinese market 2 years ago, but there has been no big market action.

, another Japanese SNS Mixi of listed companies to set up a branch in Shanghai for more than a year, but there is no big move, said CEO Gasawara Kenji told the NetEase interview technology in Japan, Mixi in the process of development from the Chinese segment zero, all for Chinese service started.