NetEase Francisco June 24th message, according to Business insider website reported that the world wide web the father of Tim · Berners Lee (Tim Berners Lee), said in an interview today, the public should be aware of the government wants to take over the Internet behavior.

Sir Tim

says the Internet is facing a "major" threat. "Some cunning people are trying to control it," they have penetrated into every aspect of the Internet by anti piracy or by the power of the Internet giants.

"if you are able to control the Internet, you can start masking or changing what people want to say, intercepting communication information, which is very, very powerful force. If you give it to a corrupt government, you give them the ability to stay in power forever."

of course, sir Tim is a crafty man. He accused the U.S. government has been collecting large amounts of personal information from Google, Facebook, apple and other Internet Co.

"government monitoring unauthorized violation of basic human rights in our democratic society, the foundation of the threat," said Sir Tim, "I appeal to all Internet users require more powerful legal and procedural protection of their privacy and online communications, including when people want to get their data right.

"over the past twenty years, the Internet has become a part of our lives. We can use the Internet to track a lot of privacy. The preservation of such information is a great responsibility." Tim added that former Egyptian President Hosni ·, when cutting off communications services, has already sounded the alarm for the Internet ".

Sir Tim said: "companies and governments in different parts of the world, trying to control the Internet in different ways, which is the Internet is a greater threat than the monopoly. Because although the monopoly slows innovation, reduce competition. But there has been a new company to replace the old company, Netscape, followed by Microsoft, then search, and then social networking. Any one of the Internet companies can not permanently monopoly. But the government’s take over is not the same story."

Sir Tim has called on the government to protect the neutrality and independence of the internet. He said: "the organization that provides the network should communicate with the government, but to maintain a certain distance. This is very important, and more and more important." He added, "the Internet still needs to evolve, and there is not much information on the internet. This means that many countries do not have an Internet based democracy."

"the change of the world will be great, it will be a wonderful Feast of culture and participation, and I hope that people from different cultures use the Internet to understand each other." (Bing Han)