recently, there is a low-key boss, a breath of my last month, all the courses, and then in-depth understanding only to find that he is a person who has just returned from the United States living for five years to operate the master.

he is the Soviet Union, in 2003, he founded the song slimming, from a small store to the transnational chain, only took less than 7 years, now in the world has opened a store of more than and 600.

today to share his entrepreneurial experience, operational experience, as well as new plans, and may be able to give you the business, give a lot of inspiration.

a, why the founder of

2003, Su Fengshun love weight of 170 pounds, because obesity eat a lot of pain, he was very distressed wife, then accompany her to lose weight.

their first thought is to try a lot of drugs to lose weight, but there are some effect, but there are side effects, even diarrhea, hypoglycemia, palpitation and other symptoms, then give up.

later, they try to go to the Shandong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of traditional acupuncture to lose weight, find the effect is very good, very safe, no side effects, but because the traditional acupuncture must be "gas" (makes your body feel soreness), so painful.

Su Fengshun in order to reduce the pain of his wife, read a lot of professional books, and consult a lot of traditional Chinese medicine. Finally he developed a fine needle, the needle into the human body almost no pain, but the effect is better than traditional needle.

later, Su Fengshun found Ji’nan local famous Chinese medicine experts composed of a group of experts, to optimize the demonstration of this technology, not long after, they developed the "Qu Zi 3+1 acupuncture weight loss method, and also applied for a patent.

on the market at that time there are many weight-loss needs of the people, and a lot of women lose weight painlessly, think this is a very good opportunity, Su total established Qu zi.

to 2016, Qu has been established for 13 years, in the world, including the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, a total of more than and 600 stores.

two, Qu Yong burst strategy

Qu Tzu have a explosive product called "gem energy thin", with pure natural stones instead of acupuncture to lose weight, do not leave marks, no pain, no hunger, no medicine, no exercise, a course of treatment can reduce 10-30 pounds, this is Qu Zi’s recipe, never rumored

!There are a lot of explosive

Qu Zi, this is just a family of them, they have a 100 person team of experts, responsible for annual product development, won a total of 20 items of patent technology.

a thing to do for a long time, we must have the core competitiveness, there are a lot of weight loss institutions, but to be able to invest in the field of technology R & D >