February 22nd afternoon, the domestic entertainment website Web2.0 fans network (ifensi.com) appeared unable to access the existing fault three, has not recovered, the fans CEO Wang Jipeng today in the micro-blog disclosure failure: fan network provides network video transfer service, but the lack of relevant formalities, the website domain name is the domain name service provider network parsing this caused, unable to access.

Wang Jipeng repeatedly stressed that the fans to stop the domain name analysis really and pornography, vulgar, reactionary speech irrelevant". As an interactive entertainment platform, there are a lot of fans online star photos, which is easy to let the outside world to vulgar information. Wang Jipeng revealed that the domain name is analytic fans stop because of lack of network video posted service related formalities, is currently working with relevant departments for contact.

Wang Jipeng micro-blog shows that he stopped in the domain name resolution second days (21, that is, yesterday) that is found in the relevant departments of a director to communicate this. Wang Jipeng also reminded the industry to other sites, early preparation, was hit with the same problem".

can not access the fault is a delicate moment in the new round of financing fans network. Rumors, South Korea SK Telecom has the intention to inject $27 million fan network, while the fans network and tournament I integrated into a company, Wang Jipeng served as the new company’s CEO. Wang Jipeng confirmed to the outside world is negotiating, but not yet results, the amount of financing and other details are also in line with the actual situation. It is not clear whether this visit is a negative impact on the financing it is negotiating.