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first_img Joe Curtis Prime Minister Theresa May is set to warn MPs today that no Brexit at all is the most likely outcome if parliament blocks her EU exit agreement tomorrow.May is expected to urge lawmakers to back her deal in tomorrow’s crunch parliamentary vote in order to secure Brexit, saying a no-deal Brexit is less likely than the UK remaining in the EU. Monday 14 January 2019 8:52 am whatsapp Share Read more: Cabinet ministers say Brexit ‘likely to be delayed’“As we have seen over the last few weeks, there are some in Westminster who would wish to delay or even stop Brexit and who will use every device available to them to do so,” May will say in a visit to factory workers today, according to reports.”I ask MPs to consider the consequences of their actions on the faith of the British people in our democracy.”People’s faith in the democratic process and their politicians would suffer catastrophic harm. We all have a duty to implement the result of the referendum.”She will also make a speech at 3.30pm in the House of Commons, Downing Street sources have told the BBC and Sky News. No Brexit is more likely than a no-deal Brexit, Theresa May warns on eve of parliament’s crunch vote by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBetterBe20 Stunning Female AthletesBetterBeMisterStoryWoman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo – Can You See Why?MisterStoryZen HeraldEllen Got A Little Too Personal With Blake Shelton, So He Said ThisZen HeraldAffluent TimesLily From The AT&T Ads Is Causing A Stir For One ReasonAffluent TimesMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailFinancial 10NHL Player’s Wife Is Hands Down The Most Beautiful Woman In The WorldFinancial 10Total PastJohn Wick Stuntman Reveals The Truth About Keanu ReevesTotal Pastmoneycougar.comDiana’s Butler Reveals Why Harry Really Married Meghanmoneycougar.comNoteableyFaith Hill’s Daughter Is Probably The Prettiest Woman In The WorldNoteableycenter_img “We will table a motion of no confidence in the government at a time of our choosing, but it’s going to be soon, don’t worry about it,” he told the Andrew Marr show yesterday.International trade secretary Liam Fox today told Radio 4’s Today programme that the default position of the government will be to progress with a no-deal Brexit if May’s deal cannot muster the required votes.Read more: Top Brexit donors say UK will no longer leave EU“The government will want to leave with a deal but the government will want to prepare for no deal if it’s impossible to get any agreement through the House of Commons. That would be the default policy,” he said.“I don’t regard no deal as national suicide. No deal would damage our economy but I think it’s survivable. I think no Brexit, politically, is a disaster from which we might not recover.” Tags: Brexit Jeremy Corbyn People Theresa May The news comes as the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicts that the government will be forced to extend Article 50 beyond 29 March, the date on which the UK is meant to leave the EU with or without a deal.Last Friday Cabinet ministers told the Standard that Brexit was likely to be delayed owing to a backlog of bills that need to be passed.Backing up what the Prime Minister is expected to tell MPs, the EIU predicts that a no-deal Brexit is the least likely outcome – at just five per cent.But in a boost for May, the group believes she has a 40 per cent chance of getting her deal through parliament a month after she opted to postpone the vote in the face of a near-certain defeat.Read more: MPs plot to wrestle Brexit away from Prime Minister A second referendum has a 30 per cent likelihood, the group said.May’s deal includes a commitment to avoid a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland by tying the UK into an EU customs union that it cannot quit until a trade deal is in place.The EU may write a letter to reassure MPs today that this so-called Irish backstop would not be maintained indefinitely, according to RTE news.Around 100 Tories, as well as the DUP’s 10 MPs, are expected to join Labour and other opposition parties in voting against May’s deal, the BBC reported.Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to vote down May’s agreement, with plans to push for a general election if the deal is defeated. whatsapplast_img read more

first_img Left your tax return until the last minute? Desperate to avoid a fine? Take a few tips from me, an award-winning financial technology journalist.Well, okay, the “award” came from Guildford Magistrates Court – in the form of compensation against my useless accountant at the end of a small claims hearing. whatsapp Nicholas Booth Tags: Tax First, ask yourself whether your accountant is actually doing what you’re paying them to do. They should be alleviating the stress of tax season, not making it worse. Maybe I’ve been unlucky, but the two accountants I’ve used made form-filling sound like one of the 12 labours of Hercules.So if you think they’re doing a shoddy job, sack them.I currently freelance for a publisher that once made me redundant. According to my accountant, this could be massively problematic because the tax office takes a very dim view of this. Er, no it doesn’t, it turns out. When I eventually asked someone at the tax office, she couldn’t have been less bothered.That brings me to the second point: the tax collector is your friend. Visit or call the HMRC team any time outside of January and they really live up to the civil servant billing. They actually enjoy being helpful.There is a massive difference between the advice you get from an accountant and a civil servant. Most accountants tend to give you data on a subject, but the taxman gives you context which comes from their experiences. While an accountant knows that a tomato is a fruit, the civil servant has the wisdom not to put it in a fruit salad. Share by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBetterBe20 Stunning Female AthletesBetterBeMisterStoryWoman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo – Can You See Why?MisterStoryMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailZen HeraldEllen Got A Little Too Personal With Blake Shelton, So He Said ThisZen HeraldTotal PastJohn Wick Stuntman Reveals The Truth About Keanu ReevesTotal Pastbonvoyaged.comTotal Jerks: These Stars Are Horrible People.bonvoyaged.comOne-N-Done | 7-Minute Workout7 Minutes a Day To a Flat Stomach By Using This 1 Easy ExerciseOne-N-Done | 7-Minute Workoutmoneycougar.comDiana’s Butler Reveals Why Harry Really Married Meghanmoneycougar.comNoteableyFaith Hill’s Daughter Is Probably The Prettiest Woman In The WorldNoteabley Sweating under today’s tax return deadline? It might be time to let your accountant go… So if you’re sweating on today’s deadline, and you don’t have a competent and qualified accountant to guide you, what should you be doing?Make sure you read any guidance from HMRC – the online advice really tries to helpfully answer questions. Answer everything you possibly can with complete honesty. And if you have any issues, just make it clear that you will provide qualifying information later.If you over-pay, the tax office will settle up later. And if you under-pay, it will ask for the balance in six months.The taxman doesn’t want to overcharge you. But some accountants do. whatsapp That verdict was an Oscar-worthy surprise ending, though, because the magistrate said early on that mine was the “worst presented case” that he had ever seen.Be that as it may. The award against the defendant was for the fines and interest that HMRC had levied on me for filing my tax returns late, two years running, despite having an accountant to supposedly file them for me.In truth, it was a Pyrrhic victory. When divided against the time I’d invested in amateur forensics, the return was worth about a pound an hour.Still, I kicked a lazy accountant in the assets, and that is always worth doing. And I like to think that I won a victory for all self-employed people by proving two important universal points: tax legislation is nothing to fear, and the taxman is your friend.If I can win a court case against an accountant, anyone can. And by extension, most people don’t need an accountant to file their tax return, especially if they’re sole traders, as long as they remember a few simple but important principles. Thursday 31 January 2019 9:44 amlast_img read more

first_img whatsapp Business groups call on Theresa May to use Article 50 extension to avoid no-deal Brexit James Booth whatsapp Read more: Goldman Sachs says no-deal Brexit has become more likelyChief executive of UK Finance Stephen Jones said: “The government has been granted an opportunity to avoid a disastrous ‘no-deal’ that could cause significant economic damage to the UK and EU.“MPs on all sides of the house must now work together and pull the UK back from the precipice by finding a majority for a way forward.“Failure to do so would be a reckless gamble with the country’s future prosperity.”Read more: No-deal Brexit could lead to chicken crisis, warns KFC boss Sharecenter_img Business groups have called for Prime Minister Theresa May to use to the extension of Article 50 agreed last night to avoid a no-deal Brexit.EU leaders last night agreed to push the Brexit deadline back to 12 April from the previous date of 29 March. Tags: Brexit People Theresa May Friday 22 March 2019 11:49 am by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May Likebonvoyaged.comThese Celebs Are Complete Jerks In Real Life.bonvoyaged.comBleacherBreaker4 Sisters Take The Same Picture For 40 Years. Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!BleacherBreakerDefinitionMost Embarrassing Mistakes Ever Made In HistoryDefinitionFilm OracleThey Drained Niagara Falls – Their Gruesome Find Will Keep You Up All NightFilm OraclePost FunA Coast Guard Spotted Movement On A Remote Island, Then Looked CloserPost FunZen HeraldEllen Got A Little Too Personal With Blake Shelton, So He Said ThisZen HeraldMisterStoryWoman files for divorce after seeing this photoMisterStoryNoteableyJulia Robert’s Daughter Turns 16 And Looks Just Like Her MomNoteableyHealthyGem20 Hair Shapes That Make A Man Over 60 Look 40HealthyGem Chief executive of TechUK Julian David said: “Tech companies are known for being forward looking and disruptive, but even digital businesses could not envision the level of Brexit uncertainty they have endured. The outcome of the European Council has given the UK a clear path to avoid a no-deal Brexit.“For those tech businesses desperate to avoid such an outcome, and the thousands of workers they employ, this comes as a relief after yet more political instability. However, the path for next week is now very clear. If the Prime Minister cannot secure approval from parliament for her deal, it is critical that all alternative options are put to MPs and those from all parties work together to agree a change in the process that secures a longer extension to Article 50 to deliver a solution which protects jobs and investment in the UK.”Read more: Midnight crisis: EU leaders offer two new Brexit delay deadlines last_img read more

first_imgMusicPop CultureThe Communal Experience of Going to the Symphony for the First TimeClassical music is not for everyone. Neither is SublimeBy Yusef Roach – May 31, 20181060ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddIt“Although his life was difficult, to say the least, ending prematurely in madness, Robert Schumann nonetheless composed music that elevates us through its pure spirit and unique personal character.”—From the event description for “Schumann Focus: Symphony No. 1 Piano Concerto” on the L.A. Philharmonic’s websiteFor two weeks I’d been bragging to all of my friends about how I was going to “get all fancy” and “go to the opera” because my girlfriend at the time owned a car and had bought me a discounted ticket. Being the uncultured swine that I am, I put on my best Vans slip-ons, a Uniqlo clearance button-down, and the faded pair of slacks I wear for retail job interviews and set out to see “Schumann Focus: Symphony No. 1 Piano Concerto.”Robert Schumann was diagnosed with “psychotic melancholia” in 1854, two years before he died in an asylum either of syphilis, mercury poisoning, or some kind of cyst—it’s apparently still unclear. Psychotic melancholia sounds horrifying, like a German band that plays an obscure subgenre of death metal. Needless to say, I was stoked.A post shared by Mark Ostrom (@mr_ostrom) on May 31, 2018 at 9:40am PDTThe Walt Disney Concert Hall is a fantastic monument, a perfect tribute to its wealthy namesake and the progressive politics he’s known to have espoused. Fun fact: All of the exits on the second and third floors lock upon closing, so if you want to go outside for a cigarette or a pull from your weed pen, be vigilant or you will have to re-enter the hall in the most embarrassing way possible, i.e. lingering around various service entrances until a concert hall employee sees that you’re just locked out and not a threat.It didn’t dawn on me until I arrived that I’d simply be sitting and watching people play music, maybe because up until that point I’d been calling it “the opera” when it was actually “the symphony.” As my lover and companion told me prior to the performance, “It’s a communal experience. We’re all supposed to sit here and feel this thing…together.”I tried immersing myself in the music, letting the beautiful soundscape pianist Mitsuko Uchida and conductor Gustavo Dudamel were building completely wash over me, and I think I came close. All the musicians on stage are, without a doubt, masters of their respective crafts. I looked around at everyone else in the audience and expected to see people with their eyes closed in some kind of trance or nodding appreciatively. That’s how I imagine the overeducated enjoy entertainment, by physically agreeing with everything they’re seeing and hearing. So I sat there and I experienced and felt…not much.A post shared by Los Angeles Philharmonic (@laphil) on May 23, 2018 at 9:27am PDTI’ll say this: High art isn’t for the attention-deficit disordered or the lactose intolerant. You’re not allowed to use your cell phone, and the concert hall architecture is designed so that if your phone does wind up going off, everyone will know exactly whose it was. Frank Gehry was a real sonuvabitch because this same amplification applies to the body and any sounds that may emanate from it. To put it simply, I’m a big, loud farter and I find that the acoustics of the Walt Disney Concert Hall are not kind to those of us who practice lactose intolerant stoicism. (That’s when you know and fully accept that what you’re eating will give you gas and diarrhea, so long as the food is delicious.)We were supposed to stay after the performance for an open-bar mixer with other concertgoers in their 20s and 30s as part of the Phil’s CODA program. I’d seen enough, however, and my psychotic melancholia had started to kick in. (This is how I now refer to literally any ounce of discomfort I feel at any point.)The next day, lover and companion and I took in a hike somewhere in Topanga State Park, and during our drive out there, Sublime’s “Santeria” came on the radio. Being a 27-year-old male with a slight “getting high and liking to party” problem, I started yell-singing the tune, as is protocol. That’s when she snapped.“Stop singing that or get the fuck out of the car.”“Why?”“I don’t know. We’re not in high school? Every white dude I knew in high school would play that all the time. It’s the worst fucking song and I hate it.”“Well first off, I’m black. Second, it doesn’t make you feel, like…anything?”“No.”We broke up the next day. I kept asking her, “Hey, does this have anything to do with me not appreciating high art and culture?” She kept rebutting, “No, no, this is more about your inability to empathize with literally anyone,” to which I responded, “Oh, OK, yeah, that makes way more sense and is a lot more hurtful.”I guess you could say, in a way, the symphony destroyed a burgeoning, beautiful relationship. A shame, really, but this is how we learn.My final thoughts on the symphony? Have you ever blacked out in a bar just before closing time and for some reason you’re still there after closing even though you legally shouldn’t be and then “Santeria” starts playing and everyone else sings along because the night will likely end badly but, hey, at least you all have just this moment and that’s all you need to feel like it was worth something? That’s the communal experience I think classical music should strive for.RELATED: Living the High Life (Sort Of) at Tommy Chong’s 80th Birthday PartyStay on top of the latest in L.A. food and culture. Sign up for our newsletters today. TAGSGustavo DudamelL.A. PhilLos Angeles PhilharmonicPrevious articleRice Bar’s Chef Is Bring Filipino Flavors to a New Silver Lake SpotNext article“Transformational” Music Festivals Are Becoming a Year-Round LifestyleGwynedd Stuart RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORAfter a Decade, Will Gustavo Dudamel Stay at the L.A. Phil or Leave on a High Note?Yuval Sharon Ends a Three-Year L.A. Phil Tenure with ATLAS, His Most Ambitious Project YetHow a Local Brewery Created a Beer Worthy of the L.A. Phil’s Centennial Seasonlast_img read more

first_imgManchester United postpones game after fans storm stadium in protest May 4, 2021 AdvertisementTags: Collier County School Boardface maskprotest Two men arrested for trespassing at Fort Myers High May 31, 2021 Advertisement A mask mandate was not on the agenda for the school board today just a COVID-19 update. However, the school district did say in a statement: “The current health and safety measures are in place to protect students and staff, as well as to limit the community spread of COVID-19.  Face coverings/masks remain a critical piece to a layered approach of safely operating our schools. Our health and safety measures enabled us to open our 50+ campuses back in August and all have remained open.”  Florida man arrested after refusing to wear mask at Naples store May 12, 2021 AdvertisementDC Young Fly knocks out heckler (video) – Rolling OutRead more6 comments’Mortal Kombat’ Exceeded Expectations Says WarnerMedia ExecutiveRead more2 commentsDo You Remember Bob’s Big Boy?Read more1 commentsKISS Front Man Paul Stanley Reveals This Is The End Of KISS As A Touring Band, For RealRead more1 comments RELATEDTOPICS Advertisement“I don’t think the children should be made to be under muzzles… Children learn from facial expressions, children learn from smiles that’s what I wrote on here children need to see smiles,” Anundsonahr said. Some virtual school parents like Michelle Eddleman McCormick are outraged at the idea of the mask mandate being optional. “In order to protect my children and family, my kids haven’t been in school. I just can’t believe a year into this we are still having this conversation, it defies any logic,” McCormick said.  AdvertisementRecommended ArticlesBrie Larson Reportedly Replacing Robert Downey Jr. As The Face Of The MCURead more81 commentsGal Gadot Reportedly Being Recast As Wonder Woman For The FlashRead more29 comments Advertisement Face masks no longer required at Mighty Mussels games in Hammond Stadium May 25, 2021 COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – The Collier County Public School board meeting abruptly went into recess after a woman protesting against the mask mandate ripped off her mask during public comment Tuesday evening.Protesters gathered outside of the administrative building ahead of the school board meeting demanding the mask mandate to be optional. Many of them were claiming masks are criminal. Parents grandparents and children of all ages protested, many of them claiming masks are not healthy and are impacting their child’s learning. Grandparent of a CCPS student Joan Anundsonahr doesn’t want her grandkids wearing masks. last_img read more

first_img Pinterest Twitter Community Townscape Laois County Council create ‘bigger and better’ disability parking spaces to replace ones occupied for outdoor dining Pinterest By Alan Hartnett – 3rd April 2018 RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR In Pictures: Townscape exhibition proving to be a big hit WhatsApp WhatsApp Home News In Pictures: Townscape exhibition proving to be a big hit News 1 of 18center_img Ten Laois based players named on Leinster rugby U-18 girls squad SEE ALSO – UPDATED: Laois man the victim of a serious assault in Carlow Council Previous articleLaois Branch Down Syndrome Centre of Excellence close to becoming a realityNext articleGardai appealing for information following arson attack in Portarlington Alan HartnettStradbally native Alan Hartnett is a graduate of Knockbeg College who has worked in the local and national media since 2008. Alan has a BA in Economics, Politics and Law and an MA in Journalism from DCU. His happiest moment was when Jody Dillon scored THAT goal in the Laois senior football final in 2016. Facebook Laois County Council team up with top chef for online demonstration on tips for reducing food waste Townscape Dunamaise Arts Centre welcomed a great crowd to the launch of one of the most significant exhibitions to emerge from the Midlands, ahead of its tour to the Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin and Maynooth University, Co Kildare.The exhibition, which was opened on Saturday March 10 last and continues until April 30, followed a seminar on the day that explored public and artistic engagement with architecture which was chaired by Sinead O’Reilly, Head of Local Arts at the Arts Council and featured a host of speakers, with many of the residents of the homes featured in attendance.On the invitation of Arts Officer and Curator Muireann Ní Chonaill, Mary Burke visited Laois Arthouse to see if Stradbally would be a suitable and appealing subject matter for her to consider.Over a twelve month period she visited twelve homes selected and Townscape was born.“The built environment has always been central to my work. Most of my work has been Dublin situated. Townscape has provided me with the opportunity to explore homes in the rural midland town of Stradbally,” says Mary Burke.Being a rural, planted town there were a great variety of homes to choose from for Mary’s subject matter.Mary has included paintings of Stradbally Hall, ancestral home of Tom, Gesa and the Cosby family, which is central to the story of the town.Featured is one of the estate cottages in Court Square, built by the Cosby family for their workers in the early 1880’s and now home to Mary Hegarty and Brian Flanagan.Also on Court Square is the home of Christine and James Hewitt. On Main Street the homes of undertakers John and Anne Lynch to the rear of their business and of Christine Mulhall and David Kennedy are included.The Parochial House, residence of Rev Jim O’Connell, the then Parish Priest is featured. Also in Townscape is John and Irene Delaney’s house in Brockley Park, a development designed by renowned architect Frank Gibney for Laois County Council in the 1950’s and indicative of Gibney’s careful consideration of site, aspect and orientation.Houses within the recently built estates of ‘Cillbeg Manor’ belonging to Rita and Pat Scully and Siobhan and Sean Kane’s home in ‘The Glebe’ are included.Further examples of modern abodes are those of John and Rachel Conway and Geraldine and Seán Delaney and the homes of Dick and Katie Dillon in ‘Woodview’, to the rear of Laois Arthouse which are also featured.The involvement of Sociologist, Professor Mary Corcoran, enriched the project immeasurably.She documented what living in Stradbally means to the home owners. Townscape brings sociology, the community and the arts into collaborative practice.A seminar titled ‘A Dialogue with Architecture: Reinterpreting the Irish Town’, took place on the exhibitions opening day in Dunamaise, in association with Visual Artists Ireland (VAI).The afternoon included a tour of the exhibition conducted by Mary Burke and Muireann Ní Chonaill and panel discussion with contributions by Mary Corcoran, Maynooth University; Carole Pollard, DIT; Miriam Delaney, Free Market’ representing Ireland at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, 2018 and Annette Moloney, Curator, Collaborator and Arts Council Advisor on the Government Per Cent for Art Scheme.Short film Town written and directed by Orla Murphy, School of Architecture, UCD was also screened. The panel discussion was chaired by Sinead O’Reilly of the Arts Council.A companion book called Townscape documenting the project with essays by Mary Corcoran, Jenny Haughton and the paintings is available to purchase for €10 from Dunamaise Arts Centre.Townscape runs at Dunamaise Arts Centre gallery until 30 April. Details from or the Box Office on 057-8663355 or further information from Curator ofTownscape Muireann Ní Chonaill, Tel: 057-8664109 [email protected] or see TAGSDunamaise Arts CentreTownscape art exhibition Twitter Rugby Facebooklast_img read more

first_img Facebook Rugby Pinterest Community Twitter WhatsApp Previous articleAll out to deny Sarsfields their sixth in a rowNext articleLaois woman makes heartfelt appeal over stolen engagement ring Steven Millerhttp://www.laoistoday.ieSteven Miller is owner and managing editor of From Laois, Steven studied Journalism in DCU and has 14 years experience in the media, almost 10 of those in an editorial role. Husband of Emily, father of William and Lillian, he’s happiest when he’s telling stories or kicking a point. The Irish Cancer Society provides funding to the following Support Centres across the country who deliver free professional counselling:ARC Cancer Support Centres, DublinArklow Cancer Support Group, WicklowBalbriggan Cancer Support CentreBallinasloe Cancer Support CentreCancer Support Sanctuary, LARCCCois Nore, Kilkenny Cancer Support CentreCork ARC Cancer Support HouseCuan Cancer Social Support and Wellness Group, Co CavanCúisle Centre, PortlaoiseDochas Offaly Cancer Support, TullamoreDonegal Cancer Flights & ServicesEist, Carlow Cancer Support CentreGary Kelly Cancer Support, DroghedaGreystones Cancer SupportHope Cancer Support Centre, EnniscorthyLetterkenny Donegal– administered through Sligo Cancer SupportMayo Cancer Support Association, CastlebarMidwestern Cancer Foundation, LimerickRecovery Haven Cancer Support House, TraleeRoscommon Cancer Support CentreSligo Cancer Support CentreSolas Cancer Support Centre, WaterfordSuaimhneas Cancer Support Centre, NenaghTallaght Cancer Support Group, DublinTuam Cancer Care CentreSEE ALSO – No stopping Laois hotel at national awards Ten Laois based players named on Leinster rugby U-18 girls squad Five Laois monuments to receive almost €200,000 in government funding Home News Community Free counselling available in Cuisle Centre in Portlaoise for women affected by… NewsCommunity Twittercenter_img By Steven Miller – 4th May 2018 Facebook WhatsApp RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Free counselling available in Cuisle Centre in Portlaoise for women affected by Cervical Check controversy Laois County Council create ‘bigger and better’ disability parking spaces to replace ones occupied for outdoor dining TAGSCervical CheckCuisle Centre The Cuisle Centre in Portlaoise is among the venues where women directly affected by the CervicalCheck controversy can have free counselling.The Irish Cancer Society has announced emergency funding today for an additional 500 counselling sessions in 25 Irish Cancer Society-affiliated Support Centres across the country, including the Cúisle Centre in Portlaoise.The Society has taken the step in response to the significant increase in the numbers of women seeking advice and support from the charity around CervicalCheck and their smear test results.The announcement brings to 8,000 the number of free counselling sessions for people affected by cancer which the Irish Cancer Society will provide funding for in 2018.Donal Buggy, Head of Services and Advocacy at the Irish Cancer Society, said: “Over the past few days we have received a huge number of queries from women who are very concerned by the revelations about CervicalCheck.“Understandably, many women are deeply affected and need support, reassurance and practical help. Through our existing network across the country, we are making additional money for counselling available so women in Laois can get the support they so desperately need at this time.”Nurses from the Irish Cancer Society will also be assisting in calling back women who have contacted the CervicalCheck helpline this week and are waiting for a response.Mr Buggy added: “Women are out there worrying and waiting for a call back so they can have their concerns and worries addressed. We want to help reassure these women. Our panel of specialist cancer nurses will work with the CervicalCheck helpline to make sure as many of these women are contacted as soon as possible.” Council Pinterestlast_img read more

first_img Community Facebook By David Power – 13th July 2018 Home News Community Funding provided for new first responder ambulance in Laois NewsCommunity Twitter Previous articleJOB VACANCY: Busy Portlaoise Deli in Mulhall’s SuperValu are looking for staffNext articleIn Pictures: Young GAA fans meet their idols at Castletown and Colt Cúl Camps David PowerA journalist for over 20 years, David has worked for a number of regional titles both as journalist and editor. From Tullamore he also works as a content editor for His heroes include Shane Lowry, Seamus Darby and Johnny Flaherty WhatsApp Five Laois monuments to receive almost €200,000 in government funding Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR File photo Funding of €50,000 has been provided to purchase an ambulance for a voluntary organisation in Laois. The Irish Red Cross – Laois, based in Raheen, has been approved for the funding, it has been confirmed. Minister for Justice & Equality, Charlie Flanagan has said that a new round of the Clár Programme will make funding available for first responder organisations in Laois. This is part of a €1.2 million allocation of funding announced this week by Michael Ring T.D., Minister for Rural and Community Development.Speaking about the purpose of the funds Minister Flanagan said:  “The latest round of the Clár Programme will support First Responders who provide an excellent service in rural areas often under very difficult circumstances.“Laois has been allocated €50,000 for first responder organisations. The Irish Red Cross- Laois based in Raheen has been approved €50,000 for the  purchase of an Ambulance.” “It is great to get confirmation from my colleague Minister Michael Ring, that all groups who applied for funding under this round of the Clár Programme were ultimately successful. “This builds on the funding of €1.2m provided by Government last year to 44 organisations for projects ranging from defibrillators for small community organisations to a significant level of support to Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) a voluntary GP led national scheme of emergency first response and the provision of 6 First Response Vehicles for Mountain Rescue Teams all over Ireland,” Minister Flanagan said. He noted that he Clár Programme forms a significant part of Fine Gael’s Action Plan for Rural Development which was launched in January 2017.“Since 2016, the Programme has provided funding to over 1,000 projects in rural areas across the country.  “Through the Clár Programme and other supports under the Action Plan of Rural Development, such as the Rural Recreation programme and the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, Fine Gael will continue working hard to support the economic and social development of communities in rural Ireland,” Minister Flanagan said.SEE ALSO – In Pictures: Young GAA fans meet their idolds at Castletown and Colt Cúl Camps Pinterest Pinterest Ten Laois based players named on Leinster rugby U-18 girls squad Rugby Funding provided for new first responder ambulance in Laois WhatsApp Community Facebook Charlie Flanagan on Electric Picnic: ‘I’d ask organisers to consult with community leaders’last_img read more

first_imgHome Sport GAA Remembering a famous Laois Leinster U-21 football success 25 years on SportGAAGaelic FootballLaois U-20 footballers RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook TAGS1994Laois U-20 footballersLaois U-21 footballersLaois v MeathMeath WhatsApp Twitter Kelly and Farrell lead the way as St Joseph’s claim 2020 U-15 glory This one was to go Laois’s way. The sides drew a low-scoring game in Newbridge in early June but Laois won a belter of a game three weeks later in the replay back in Newbridge again. It finished 1-17 to 1-13 to Laois after extra time. Five lads were sent off in total.“Extra time victory hard earned in bruising clash with Meath,” was the sub heading on the Leinster Express headline the following Wednesday.“This was a tough, hard game of football,” wrote Brian Keyes in his match report. “And if you expected anything else from a Laois-Meath clash, then you’ve been living on a different planet for the past four years.”Laois dominated the opening half and led 0-9 to 0-3 at half timeBut Meath had a star-studded team, many of whom had won the All Ireland the previous year, and Trevor Giles was to the fore in dragging them back into the game.They took the lead with 12 minutes remaining when Graham Geraghty – then already an established senior player – came up from centre-back to fire to the back of the net.Shortly after Meath’s full-back Brendan Halpin was the first to get his marching orders but he was soon followed by Fergal Byron (future Laois senior keeper but corner-back on that team and father of current U-20 keeper Matthew) and Meath’s Cathal Sheridan.But Laois kept plugging away and brought the game to extra time thanks to late points from Damian Delaney and Noel Delaney.Extra time was packed with drama too – with two first-half points from Tom Gee from Ballyroan and two more from Damian Delaney (he scored 10 in total) putting Laois into a half-time lead of 0-17 to 1-13.There was to be only one more score in the game – but it was a crucial one. Ger Slevin from O’Dempsey’s got Laois’s first goal as he reacted quickest to a ball coming back off the post and he buried it to the net at dressing room end of the Newbridge ground.Laois centre-back John O’Reilly and Geraghty were then booked for an altercation and Aidan Kealy from Meath and Damian Delaney were sent off at the same time – Delaney carried from a stretcher at the same time.But after six minutes of injury time, referee Pat O’Toole blew the full-time whistle.There were joyous scenes in Newbridge that day and manager Mick Dempsey, who was still playing with the Laois seniors and would later go on to be Brian Cody’s right-hand man with the Kilkenny hurlers, predicted after the game that Laois would win more silverware in the coming years.“This win is very important for Laois,” he said. “But it also showed that Laois can compete with any team.“We may not be guaranteed success but we can compete. In the next few years Laois will win major titles.”The cup that was accepted that day by Hughie Emerson (and his injured Portarlington colleague David Sweeney) infamously got damaged in the celebrations leading to a serious furore afterwards and a threat of expulsion from the 1995 competition.Laois were later beaten by Cork in the All Ireland semi-final in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick.The Laois players that played that day were:Emmett Burke (St Joseph’s) – Won a number of senior championships with Joseph’s and was the Laois senior goalkeeper in 1995 and 1996.Fergal Byron (Courtwood) – Played in goals for the Laois U-21s when he was still 16 but was corner-back in this particular year. Became the Laois senior goalkeeper in 1997 and didn’t miss a single game over the next 11 seasons, winning an All Star in 2003. Was later part of Justin McNulty’s management team.Eamon Delaney (Stradbally) – One of a handful of players that was underage the following year, he played for the Laois seniors from 1995 to the early 2000s but missed out on the Leinster success in 2003. Has been involved in Laois underage teams, managed Stradbally and has four Laois senior medals, including two as captain. His son Eamon was on the Laois minor team this year.Martin Slevin (O’Dempsey’s) – The youngest player on the team who was underage for the next two seasons. His brother Ger got the winning goal and Martin was involved with Laois senior panels for many years afterwards. Sadly passed away after a long illness in 2012.John Larkin (Stradbally) – Another one of the Stradbally contingent on the team, he also went on to win three senior championships with the Little Town. Guided Barrowhouse to the Laois junior football title in 2015.John O’Reilly (Graiguecullen) – Tough as nails centre-back who got embroiled in a famous tussle with Graham Geraghty and the referee that day. Also later played senior with Laois and with Graiguecullen for many years.Wayne Scully (Ballyroan) – From the famed Scully clan in Ballyroan, he was one of three club men that played that day. Also won a senior championship with Ballyroan in 1992 and reached the Leinster club final that same season.Declan Rooney (Clonaslee) – The Rooney family from Clonaslee have contributed some amount to Laois teams over the years – with Declan, Mark and Darren all playing senior hurling and football for the county. He played senior for Laois in the late 1990s but later emigrated to AustraliaHughie Emerson (Portarlington) – Though still U-21, he was already in his third year as a Laois senior. Played with the Laois seniors until 2003 with one of his most famous games coming against Derry in 1997 when he scored three goals in a league quarter-final in Croke Park. Also won two senior medals with Portarlington.Jacko Murphy (Crettyard) – A complete livewire at wing-forward, Brian Keyes noted in his Leinster Express report that he “covered every blade of grass”. Moved to the UK and played for the London senior team for a number of seasons.Liam O’Connor (Graiguecullen) – He had played senior for Laois against Meath just the week earlier and played a crucial role in Laois’s win here. His shot for a point in extra time led to Ger Slevin’s winning goal.John Joe O’Connell (O’Dempsey’s) – Three O’Dempsey’s players saw action that day with John Joe O’Connell starting wing-forward. Later went on to be a huge contributor to O’Dempsey’s at senior level and is heavily involved with the club in a variety of roles. Noel Delaney (Ballyroan) – Scored two points that day from play and has two senior championship medals with Ballyroan from 1992 and 2006. Is heavily involved with Ballyroan-Abbey and was manager of this group of Laois U-20 players two years ago at minor level.Damian Delaney (Stradbally) – One of the stars of that team who’d already featured with the seniors. Hit 10 points that day from frees and play and was both stretchered off and sent off late in extra time. Played for the Laois seniors for a number of years after and started on the Leinster final-winning team in 2003.Tom Gee (Ballyroan) – Gee played midfield in earlier rounds of the championship but started in the full-forward line that day and scored two points from play.Subs used that day were Larry Morrissey (Graiguecullen), goalscorer Ger Slevin from O’Dempsey’s (who was a selector on the minor team two years ago with Noel Delaney) and Bobby Dorris from Portarlington. David Sweeney had been captain for the year but broke his jaw in the drawn game and missed the replay. He now works as a full-time GAA coach in Dublin as well as being a referee.  Joe O’Dwyer from Portarlington and Mick Bolton from Graiguecullen were the selectors alongside manager Mick Dempseys.SEE ALSO – Weekend Read: A beautiful day in Navan in 1992 Previous articleJoe Mallon Motors Car of the Week: 182 Renault Koleos from €95 per weekNext articleIn Pictures: Huge crowd for official opening of revamped Ballinakill Swimming Pool LaoisToday Reporter Remembering a famous Laois Leinster U-21 football success 25 years on Facebook Twittercenter_img The Laois football team that won the 1994 Leinster U-21 football title Brought to you in association with Crettyard StoneThis Friday evening in Tullamore the Laois U-20 footballers will take on Dublin in the Leinster final.It’s ten years since Laois last appeared in a provincial final at this grade (then U-21) and 12 years since Laois last won it.Laois, though, have a proud tradition in the old U-21 competition, reaching the first All Ireland final in the grade in 1964 and winning Leinster again in 1969, 1982, 1987, 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2007.Today we’re looking back at that 1994 success as this year marks the 25th anniversary of that triumph.And talk about controversial. Laois and Meath shared a huge rivalry that bordered on hatred at the time. At senior level, Meath had beaten Laois in the Leinster final in 1991, but Laois stunned Meath in Navan in 1992.Meath carried out revenge at senior again in 1993 and 1994, at a time when the championship was straight knockout and Laois’s summer was over following thoses losses to Meath.In 1994 they met in the Leinster U-21 final, one that went to a replay with the two games either side of the senior game in the middle. Pinterest WhatsApp GAA Pinterest GAA GAA By LaoisToday Reporter – 18th July 2019 Here are all of Wednesday’s Laois GAA results 2020 U-15 ‘B’ glory for Ballyroan-Abbey following six point win over Killeshinlast_img read more

first_img WhatsApp Deaths in Laois – Tuesday, April 27, 2021 Pinterest Facebook Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Council Below are the recent local deaths.May they rest in peace.Josephine (Jo) Bracken (née Egan)Capparogan, Clonaslee, Laois / Durrow, Laois / Ballinasloe, Galway / Navan Road, DublinJoesphine (Jo) Bracken (nee Egan), Capparogan, Clonaslee, Co. Laois. Formerly of Durrow, Co. Laois, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway and Navan Road, Dublin 7. Died on the 25th of April 2021, peacefully at home in the loving care of her family, after a short illness. Predeceased by her brother Tom and his wife Anna. Deeply regretted by loving husband Jeremiah and family Colum, Tricia, Ann, Enda and Diarmaid, daughters-in-law Cathy, Cheryl and Kathy, son-in-law Don, grandchildren Orla, Aoibhinn, Daniel, Shane, Keeva, Ronan, Eamon, Fintan, Siobhán and Rossa, sister Maura and brother-in-law Flan, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, extended family and her many dear neighbours and friends.Due to Covid-19 restrictions and by adhering to government guidelines, a private family Funeral Mass will take place for Jo’s family members only. (Maximum 25 people in the Church). Her remains will arrive to St. Manman’s Church, Clonaslee, on Tuesday evening at 7pm. Funeral Mass on Wednesday at 11am followed by burial afterwards in St. Manman’s Cemetery, Clonaslee.House Strictly Private Please at all times. No flowers, by request, Donation, if desired, to Laois Palliative Care.Jo’s Funeral Mass can be viewed on by selecting county Laois.Síle O’ConnorAshbrook, Clonaslee, LaoisNative of Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Died peacefully at home surrounded by her loving family and friends. Predeceased by her daughter Helena (Conroy), her brother Michéal (O’Connor) and her sister Lil (Sheils). Deeply regretted by her son Aidan (Conroy) and her daughter Donna (Conroy), her two grandsons Christopher and Mark (Conroy), her brothers Paudge, Eamonn and John Joe, her sisters Netty, Nancy (Fox) and Marge (Rigney), her friend Margaret and the Delaney family of Graigue, Mountmellick, cousins, nieces, nephews. Former work colleagues (HSE Tullamore), friends and relatives.A strictly private cremation will take place on Tuesday 27th of April. A funeral Mass will be held at a later date when all Covid19 restrictions are lifted and all family members can attend.No flowers please. All donations if desired to The Irish Cancer Society (íle’s family understand people would like to pay their respects, however, due to the current situation the house is strictly private. Cards and letters of sympathy can be sent to Moloney Funeral Directors Mountmelick, Co. Laois.SEE ALSO – Deaths in Laois – Monday, April 26, 2021 Facebook Home Deaths Deaths in Laois – Tuesday, April 27, 2021 Deaths Electric Picnic Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival date Pinterest By LaoisToday Reporter – 27th April 2021 Twitter Electric Picnic apply to Laois County Council for new date for this year’s festival Previous articleCall made to change laws to give Laois Gardai more powers to tackle sulky racingNext articleLaois girl named Farm Safety Regional Champion for Leinster LaoisToday Reporter TAGSDeaths in Laois Electric Picnic Mary Sweeney elected Cathaoirleach of Portlaoise Municipal District for next 12 months WhatsApplast_img read more