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remembers that when I first came to Changsha, I had been working with friends on e-commerce projects, including a platform for cosmetics and an innovative home for toys. The toy home platform ended in failure, and cosmetic friends kept insisting.

two days ago, another friend mentioned, asked me how did not engage in electricity supplier?. I am helpless, I want to do, just have no clue. E-commerce in the end how to do it, are saying that vertical segmentation is said, but…… How to subdivide vertically and how to choose


remember to do cosmetics, there is concern to the electricity supplier over there in Guangzhou. Their thinking is to rely on network platform + reality agent, mainly to do the University market. Through their own network platform, and then develop university agents, free delivery to the bedroom. Have to say, this is a good idea. They seem to be doing well. Clothing, home, shoes, jewelry are all involved. In this train of thought, the biggest difficulty is the development of agents. Of course, in terms of supply, there is no doubt that Guangzhou has a greater advantage than Changsha. read more

had a friend asked me, do what site make money, I very natural answer: game station.

can not be denied, I have been fond of the game site, from the beginning of the contact network, to want to dig in the network, I became acquainted with the game, three years, I have done no less than five games or association website. Of course, the money did not earn, but it is to learn the experience of 7788.

before you start looking at this article, the scholar is very clear to tell you, this is a soft text.

DNA game network started in March, formally launched in April, and now has been June, has stabilized in all aspects. GOOGLE from nearly ten thousand of the collected slowly down to more than 1000, Baidu is slowly rising, slowly rising. In the meantime, I did not do the chain or other optimization, so PR has been 0., but the station’s ALX ranking every day at an alarming rate on the rise, why read more

my site I had run for a month, in this month I learned a lot.

began to the establishment of the absolutely ignorant of from me, and now I have only a superficial understanding also took many detours, now my site has been in a month I care with good results.

although for many experts, my performance is not worth mentioning, but my first contact with the webmaster, this road has been to build a month, with the results now, I have been very satisfied. Now my website ranking in Baidu and Google are very good, especially Google, is also the reason why many webmaster are love Google, Google on the website is much hard than Baidu, and fair a lot, as long as you adhere to the update, do not use means cheating, basically the ranking is not bad on the contrary, Baidu is an old man, I have a good day for it, it still can’t ignore me, the master is must be active, not passive in. read more

from May 1, 2008 to August 8, 2008, my salt fog test box () has just been created for more than three months. Currently, the independent IP has risen rapidly to more than 5000, and PR has risen to 5. Well, here’s how I did it in the new Baidu era.

, in the current Baidu exclusive to railway station situation, we can not act with undue haste to start from the most basic work, so we start, first is to own a good website to beautify, structure adjustment, let others first sight when you feel that you are on the site in the heart operation of this site, and this station the size of the look is not small. If some friends feel that art is not good, not their own design page, you can find themselves satisfied with the template online, to set up, it is better than their own design in a complete mess is much better, I was used Chinese Webmaster Station template. In terms of structure, try to keep your site directory concise and, if possible, put your article in the root of the web, preferably because any station is basically a root directory with the highest weight. This step will do a good job to help the later work. read more

Why do you want to use the URL

Chinese no longer, please refer to the specific reasons I write "do" the most understand Chinese "search engine optimization will not Chinese URL.". This time, we use the latest version of WordPress (3.0.1) to personally experience a Chinese URL, as to why the WordPress CMS for example, the reason is very simple: she has many magnificent template and millions of global fans, with a strong state to change as long as the installation of several plug-in plug-in, you can almost meet the general webmaster needs, and her entire station is UTF-8 encoding GB code, compatible with all major search engines now use Chinese URL, there is no danger of garbled.

1. download the latest version of WordPress in the official website, version 3.0.1, download to install locally. It is important to note that the newly established database code needs to select UTF-8, and its database arrangement is best chosen by utf-8_general_ci, so as to avoid unnecessary garbled problems. read more

August 9th, Alibaba and Yunfeng fund become Sogou strategic joint venture, set up Sogou new investment company. This is a shocking news, Zhang Zhaoyang said: "the Sohu has been in search of force too late, with the rapid development of Sogou input method and Sogou browser, we believe that the introduction of strategic investors in the Sogou become after Baidu, the second largest search engine company." Sogou combined with ALI, is undoubtedly an explosive news, Ma not only intended to support Sogou search engine, Taobao Baidu in the fight against the entrance of resources, leveraging Zhang Zhaoyang Ali, through the electronic commerce, enhance Sogou engine market share as simple. In the input method, this particular "entrance" article may have special meaning.

August 13th, Taobao and Sogou began the first step after bilateral cooperation: Sogou input method quietly implanted Taobao commodity search information. Just download the latest version of Sogou input method or the corresponding version or upgrade to the original old thesaurus version of Sogou input method, when the input of a product or brand name, will be in the input box appears in the upper right corner of a product or brand Taobao hot words, click on view will switch to the corresponding Taobao hot search page. From now on, we can see that Ali is eager to import traffic from Sogou products, especially the input method to Taobao. Sogou input method with a good user experience, strong font and timely updates, has been occupying the domestic input method market first, with a huge user base. And Taobao has been relatively weak in the portal resources, self search engine plan has not been successful. And Baidu, although e-commerce is weaker than Ali, ah, has not been lukewarm, but with the advantages of search portal has been to curb the development of Taobao, Ma Yun is a heart disease. Baidu and Taobao are shielding, ah and Baidu, Japan and Amoy cool days on the Japanese market competition, Baidu product search on Taobao entrance plugging resources, Baidu and Taobao have been fighting in many places. Through Sogou series of products bypassing Baidu, may be able to get through the Big Ali Taobao program entrance. read more

in the past, we have assembled teams within the advertising company in several different ways, as well as the patterns of other portfolio teams. Some of the models worked very well, while others were not very successful. In the early days, many web teams were in the IT division, because people believed the magic of pure technology could build websites. As time goes on, many enterprises break the practice of putting the network team together, and some even set up independent enterprises. Many enterprises find that the Internet is an important marketing tool and integrate it into the marketing department. The Internet is an important marketing tool, and companies are now aware that the Internet is associated with many sectors of the business and should be integrated with a number of sectors. Integrated network actions can be made in different ways. In one case, the network team can exist as an independent division, and its strategy and activities are determined by the management committee representing different departments of the enterprise. read more

if you have plans to start a business, you must first understand that entrepreneurship is not a smooth thing, in different stages of entrepreneurship, you will encounter the core issues are also different. We made a random survey in the middle of fifty entrepreneurs from all walks of life, thus gains a series of a variety of problems, these problems are their personal experience in the initial start-up and growth period, and it is very important in the post.

seed stage

1) to build a creative and dynamic team

for entrepreneurs, the quality of work? Especially in the early stages? To a large extent determined by the team behind them. This requires not only the entrepreneurial team to complete the work of high quality enough, often need to have the ability to take into account multiple tasks at the same time. read more